31. Sandcastles in the Sky

‘Dylan, honey… It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. Can’t work wait?’ Sleepily, Louise tousled a hand through her hair as she stared bleary-eyed at her fiance. She’d woken to find his familiar presence absent from their room, replaced with the cross face of Cooper as he pawed her awake. Dylan had left the living room light on.

‘It’s not work!’ Dylan exclaimed as he closed down several browser windows as fast as he could. ‘I just… I couldn’t sleep…’ Continue reading


Hiatus Update!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for going awol yet again, I do apologise. The computer is back and raring to go, and I have some trés good news  – all my save files are intact! The Rivers have not been lost! Hurrah and huzzah!

Now, I do have the next chapter all ready to be written, but I’m going to hold my horses for a little while yet. I’m going on holiday next week (I’m off to BBK Live Festival in Bilbao, Spain – so excited!) so I’m going to wait to start writing once I’m home again. What with work and packing I don’t have a lot of time to put the effort you guys deserve into The Rivers.

I’ll be back on the 18th of July, so expect an update by the Sunday. Thank you so much for bearing with me, you plumbobby beauties.

Hearts to you all,

-Sian x

Hiatus Update

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry for going AWOL for a while. My simming computer had to be sent away to the techies and it’s been gone aaaaaages – they’ve got a backlog, so it’s taking a while to get done. The worrying thing is that the hard drive may have to get wiped. Yup. And I didn’t get a chance to back up my games or anything onto a USB. Fortunately I do have a lot of the characters uploaded onto the exchange which, hopefully, EA won’t delete until I get my computer back and can start re-downloading everything should the worst happen.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking this blog, and I apologise to everyone who’s blogs I’ve been neglecting to read. Once I’m back simming properly I’ll get right back on it 🙂 I’ll let you all know when I get my computer back and what the outcome is. Eeep!!

Lots of love and plumbobs,

-Sian xx

30. Settled


Practically jumping out of his skin, Dylan scrambled for his ringing, vibrating, singing and dancing mobile phone that had just sprung to life on his bedside table. Why did these things sound so much louder at night?!

‘Hello?’ he muttered groggily, blearily climbing out of bed and tiptoeing across the room, pulling his robe about him.

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29. Attention

Gazing at his reflection, Dylan carefully experimented. It was just such a difficult decision to make… He had to look perfect, simply perfect. So why was it so hard to decide?

‘One button done up… Two buttons done up… All the buttons… No buttons…’ he muttered under his breath as he methodically buttoned up his shirt. He had to make a good impression. He wasn’t going to get another chance!

‘Honestly Dylan, I think you put less effort in for your prom!’ Robyn laughed as she poked her head around his bedroom door. ‘You’re only going out for a drink at the karaoke bar!’

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28. Autumn Leaves

‘Dylan… Dylan! Dylan, help! Help!’

‘I can’t… Can’t move…’ Dylan’s voice was barely a whisper, a hoarse croak as the fire burned inches from his face, the crackling of the flames mingling with the frenzied screams coming from above him… With all his effort he tried to open his eyes, using every last ounce of energy to prise them open, just a millimetre… The flames were dancing, writhing about…

No… Not flames…

Dazedly, Dylan found that he could open his eyes fully. Lifting his heavy head, he gazed through the window.

Not flames. Leaves. Autumn leaves.

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27. The Solution…?

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!

‘Stupid… Bloody… Cannot believe it…’ Dylan muttered angrily to himself as he worked on the fire appliance, the delicate touch he’d once used with maintaining the important machinery gone as he hammered out his anger.

It had been a week since the major fire at the hospital, a week since he’d received such glowing praise from the chief. A week since Puzzle had floated back into his life, his irritating face appearing when Dylan least expected it, his annoying grin haunting him at nearly every turn.

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