Military School

I’d originally planned to show more of Dylan at Military School and built a community lot (that took ages!) to take the screenies in. After completing it I decided against it for various reasons, and just did the scenes you saw in chapter 21, featuring the classroom and a corner of the prep hall. Having spent a long time building it I’ve decided to pop some extra screenies in here, so you can all see where Dylan’s been ‘studying’!

A dormitory. I only built one of these. It sleeps eight sims.

A prep room, where all the students would gather to do homework and study. I was going to double it as the cafeteria for meal times, too.

A tiny gym. This was going to be where the big kids worked out, and seeing as Dylan is only a little one this wasn't going to feature much, hence the size!

The outside area, with a dirt running track around the perimeter, a trampoline, Sim Gnubb, and not pictured properly in the far corner is a martial arts area.

Swimming pool. Pretty self explanatory. I almost didn't put one in, and when I remembered I'd run out of room so this is in a basement.

And a larger shot of the outside. The smaller building to the right is where the entrance to the pool is, as I'd used foundations for the main building I couldn't put a basement entrance into the school itself, so compromised with a shed thing!

8 thoughts on “Military School

    • It was shown, just not at large. The classroom was part of it. I just decided to go a different way. I might use it in the future for something else πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! One of my biggest regrets with my previous legacy was my lack of building skills, so I’ve been going out of my way to practise with the Rivers!

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