Ethan’s Bachelor Party!

While Ivy was very pregnant, Ethan had a bachelor party at Waylon’s Haunt. Take a look at what he got up to!

Nectar-based fun... (That's Tristan in the silly hat...)

Leon gives a touching speech...

The dancer arrives!

Followed by the mega-famous Tom Wordy and some shabby paparazzi guy, who looks a smidge depressed...

This distracts the dancer, who follows Tom around all night snapping pics on her phone. How rude! She was there to dance!

So Ethan, in his swimming trunks (guess his suit was sticky from all the nectar!) gets the drinks in. Whoop!

This gives Tristan the dutch courage to try and chat up the dancer, while Ethan gets all soppy and spends the rest of the night hugging EVERYONE.

And Leon just dances the night away on the counter. Good night all round, methinks!

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