Sometimes too much happens in-game to write about, or there are lovely little moments that just don’t fit into the story itself. Come here to see some ‘behind the scenes’ action! Pictures will be listed in generation order, ish.

There will be the odd collection of pictures, those will be added in a sub-page. I’ll update the links here as and when they’re created.


I was originally going to have Cassie say goodbye to her family in the Prologue, but decided to keep the chapter as a 'looking to the future' type thing rather than dwelling in the past too much. Here's the screenie I had been going to include.

Matthew's mother, when I first got the pose player. Work it!

A sweet little shot of Cassie walking Maria in her pram, on her way to unwittingly deliver illegal documents.

I had to have Cassie go ask James to just be friends before anything could happen with Matthew due to that stupid reputation thing. Good thing she did - he was over at Agnes Crumplebottom's doing some mega flirtage! Couldn't have this in the story as she was in jail by this point!

Matthew failing in trying to build up his Handiness skill...

An interesting little shot of Ivy's graduation. Sue is quite clearly there, her in-game son is the guy in the black hair. Hank Goddard, is playing guitar in a fetching jumpsuit. The person in the sleeping bag is James Brennan, his son, the blonde, also graduated at the same time as Ivy. Finally, the woman in green is Jamie Jolina, Maria's in-game mother (she was spawned from Eric and she using MC), who you may recognise as the old woman who harrassed Ivy! She also married Eric when I wasn't playing him, and they had another four children.

Princess Tristan. I think I added another shot of this in a chapter, but I can't remember, but it's adorable so have another anyway!

Ivy, getting her groove on at Ethan Blaine's gig. Guess she really did overdo the nectar!

Father and daughter, pillow fighting. Aww!

At the park a random stranger came up to play with Dylan. How crazy! If this happened in real life that woman would be arrested!

Dylan had a tantrum when it was time to get off the ship. Look at his little pouty face!!

Floating Puzzle! I had him sat on 'extra space' mod for the screenie of Ethan reading to Dylan when he transformed. Magic!

Back in simpler times for Dylan, he and Puzzle enjoy a lovely joy ride together.

Ethan tucks his little boy into bed.

A bit of El Tigre in action! Angst-ridden drumming from Andy...

Ethan is really happy to be guitaring! Really really happy!

Just a lovely picture of Dylan's face. I was going to include it in chapter 27 but ended up cutting the scene, but I wanted to pop it here. A nice contrast to his sad 'Louise no here' face, I think.

10 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. I love the first picture of Ivy at the cemetary. That is beautiful. I wish it could have been worked in somehow. It looks like she is so upset about something and is hoping to get answers from her parents!

  2. Ivy looks lovely in the first picture… with the exception of her akwardly flat leg….. 😉

    I also love her high on nectar and dancing 😉

    And Tristan in the mirror going “Hey there, sexy”

    And all of them….. 😀

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