Things that didn’t quite go according to plan! Look through this selection of bloopers and have a giggle.

James didn't look too pleased to see Cassie after all...

'...Can I stop mourning now? Is the camera off? Okay!'

Tristan aged up into a hospital patient.

Ethan wasn't impressed when Matthew hogged the video games.

The perils of CC hair and windows!!

Ivy said no, first time. Silly girl!! Soon had that corrected, haha!

Nothing like a catch up with your best friend when someone with visual body odour walks by, is there?

Stretchy Dylan on his birthday.

Tristan taking his sushi to bed with him...

Who lurves freezer bunny icecreams? Ethan lurves freezer bunny icecreams!

El Tigre had a gig (like, their first in-game, thanks a bunch shoddy band system *pouts*) at Waylon's Haunt. Upon starting the gig, they each went for instruments that they have no experience in. Ethan has 10 guitar, Andy 10 on drums, and Leon 10 on keyboards (for when he's not being a singer). Great job, guys!

Robyn rolled a very disturbing want. Insta-cancel.

Robyn got into a little trouble with the electrics, so she decided to get in the hottub rather than seek medical attention.

In-game Louise and Melody wound up living together after leaving school. They got close. Very close! And yes, that is Louise's little brother on the family tree - her mother married (:

Louise turned up at the hospital during a firefighting thing and got stuck in a bush. I think this was more horrifying for her!

10 thoughts on “Bloopers!

    • Haha! No, they’re not – in-game Puzzle is no longer an imaginary friend, I got the opportunity to realify him so I took it, it’s so much easier to set up pictures and Dylan and Puzzle can interact off the home lot now. He can still go back into ‘doll’ form, but everyone can see and interact with him. For story purposes, he’s still invisible to all except Dylan.

  1. I think it’s funny that Louise and Melody ended up together in game. You have to love how the game has a mind of it’s own sometimes.

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