From here you can find links to additional content from The Rivers Legacy!

  • FAMILY TREE – see the Rivers legacy in picture format!
  • OUTTAKES – things that didn’t quite make it into the story proper.
  • BLOOPERS – sometimes things just don’t go to plan!

11 thoughts on “Extras

  1. Hey Sian,
    I hope you dont mind me commenting here, but how do youget the drop-down menus when your mouse hovers over the Extras page?
    Congratz on your job! I hope it isn’t too stressful! 😀
    Can’t wait until your next chapter, btw!
    Hope you’re having a happy holiday so far! ❤

    • I don’t mind at all! I got them by making sub pages – on the ‘add new page’ screen, there’s a section to the right called ‘page attributes’. If you give the page you’re making a parent, say my family tree’s page’s parent is ‘extras’, it *should* make it a drop down page. It may depend on the theme you’re using though! Have a go and see if it works 🙂
      My job is pretty good actually, though it is quite stressful! Going to take a while to learn everything, haha 🙂
      Hope you’re having a happy holiday too! 🙂 xx

      • Yes! I’ve got it! Thank you!
        And if you could help me out with this problem too, I’d really appreciate it!
        Usually you can click on people’s names to be transferred to their website. However, on mine you can’t, eventhough I’ve linked it in personal settings :/
        Could there be a reason for this?

      • I’ve no idea, it doesn’t work for mine either! Really sorry 😦 Glad you got your drop downs sorted though! 🙂

      • You know what’s weird? When I was asking you something about CC, my name had a link through it- its there but not here! :O

  2. Hey Sian! Hope all is well and I can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂 I was wondering if you could answer a few questions I had because I plan to start a new legacy soon. I’m new to using mods and was checking out your resources page. I don’t want too many mods, but I was hoping you could recommend just a couple really good ones and briefly explain what you use them to do. They’re all so complex! Haha. Thanks for your help and support. 😀

    • Of course I can answer a few questions! 🙂 Happy to help. For the mods, I would definitely recommend the twallan ones, in particular Overwatch (you don’t have to do anything, it just ticks away in the background cleaning up the mess EA leaves behind, such as abandoned cars, that slow down your game), Master Controller (lets you have more control (hah!) – you can adjust relationships, ‘pollinate’ sims to create babies, etc – soso much!) and Story Progression, which overrides EA’s and makes sure that all your Sims actually *do* things with their lives. They seem quite complex because there are so many options, but if you take a bit of time to explore them properly they’re so rewarding 🙂

      • Oh wow! I just tried them out and you’re right. They’re fantastic! I don’t know how I’ve played this long without them. Thanks so much for the info. One other question… On the story progression mod, is there a way to turn off the notifications for all the other townsfolk?? I can’t wait to explore everything the mods have to offer. Thanks again! 😀

      • Yes there is, but I can never remember how to do it! I always seem to do it by accident :/ If you ask twallan directly or post on the official, they should be able to help you properly!
        Glad you got them sorted 🙂

  3. Oh, and one other thing… How do you just get the summaries to show up instead of the while posts on your homepage?? I’m still trying to figure everything out on this site. Thanks again!

    • There’s a button on the ‘task bar’ (the bit where bold and italics and so on are) called ‘Insert More’ – it looks like a page divided into two. Click where you want the break, then click that 🙂 If that makes sense!

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