Here you will find links to all the Sims and lots I have uploaded on the exchange. Clicking on the picture will take you right to the page to download from. I have divided the characters into generations, and each generation will be on a different page.Please read the decription of the Sim you wish to download before doing so, I’ve written down any major, specific CC I’ve used there. Please remember that I use CC skins and eye replacements, you can find links to these on the resources page if you want them to look exact!If you have any further questions, just ask me! And if you click on an image and the link is broken or that Sim has been taken off the exchange (boo!), would you please let me know? Thank you! And I hope you enjoy playing with the characters of the Rivers legacy! Let me know what they get up to in your game! GENERATION ONE – FAMILY

Cassie Rivers, Founder

Matthew Forest, Generation One


Note – I’m afraid that none of the prison inmates or staff will be available on the exchange. They have sadly been lost, and I don’t have any backups. Sorry!

Note – You’ll notice that Eric has the evil trait, if you download him. This is because I had originally going to have him as the Big Bad of the first generation, but decided that I wanted him to be a good guy and introduced James instead. In-game I changed it to Friendly, so feel free to do the same if you want the exact Eric!

Sue Scott, Generation One

Eric Stanislav, Generation One

James Brennan, Generation One

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that when I click Charlie’s link, it leads to a page that says that the item is no longer available, and he’s not in your studio. Didn’t know if you knew about it or not.

    • Ah, bums. He definitely was uploaded, silly old EA! I’ll reupload him when I’m next on an uploading spree. Thanks for the heads up!

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