38. Making Friends

‘Come on Lily, you can do this… Just ten more minutes to go…’ Gritting her teeth, Lily punched at the keypad of her treadmill determinedly, quickening her pace as she strove to keep up with the gradually increasing speed the machine was going at. Soon after settling in Willow Creek she’d been handed a free membership at the local gym, which she knew she would be using frequently due to the demanding physical nature of her new job.

Which she still couldn’t believe she had. Stretching her arms out, she tried her hardest to suppress the smile that crept over her face whenever she thought about her luck. 250 other people had applied for that job! 250! And out of all of them it had been she who had landed the coveted role at the Space Agency.

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37. Writer’s Block

Yawning, Freya stabbed idly at the keys on her aged computer’s keyboard. She was barely looking at the screen, not that she had to – she was hardly going to submit any of the gobbledygook her fingers were producing today.

Well, today and yesterday.

…And all this week…

…Since she dropped out of university, actually…a Continue reading

36. Henry Halls

As it transpired it didn’t matter whether the girls’ competitive edges would affect their university performance; the pair opted for different majors in the end. Already at a head start with her writing skills, Freya decided to pursue a degree in Communications, while Lily surprised everyone by electing for Physical Education. ‘I’ve had years of being stuck in classrooms,’ she shrugged when questioned on her choice. ‘I love being active and getting outside, at least this way I can get a degree without being cooped up in some stuffy old lecture theatre for hours at a time!’

Upon their arrival at Henry Hall, the accommodation the twins had been assigned to, Dylan and Louise had said a teary goodbye before departing swiftly at the girls’ request – both had agreed that it would be better to get stuck in straight away rather than have a drawn out farewell. After being given their room numbers, they’d lugged their heavy cases (‘For gnomes sake, Freya, how many bloody books do you need for this bloody course?!’) to their respective rooms and started to unpack. Lily had barely finished when her MultiTab 6000 – a present from her parents for getting into university – buzzed to let her know she had a new e-mail. Opening the attachment, she smiled at the picture before Freya burst in through her door, a little out of breath.ad+ Continue reading

35. Communication

Freya was on her way home from the library. She’d found a book she’d borrowed months ago – Not Expecting Much – and, mortified, had run straight back to her paradise with it. She had a good relationship with the staff there having been a regular since her youth and didn’t want anything to ruin that, but thankfully no harm was done. They had even halved the fine for her, given her loyalty to the public service and her clean record.

So it was with an uncharacteristic spring in her step that Freya walked past the park, her heart light. I wish I had more people who treated me that way, she thought. I wish Lily would… Wait… Lily?a Continue reading

34. Speechless

It was the hottest summer Appaloosa Plains had seen for many years, and oh how the residents loved it! After years of barely noticing whether the season had visited or not, the sun was finally here with a vengeance and Dylan was in his element! The new house they’d moved to once the girls had grown up and needed their own space (boy, did they need their own space…) had a much bigger garden, and once the weather had started to brighten up he’d been straight outside laying down some decking and making sure he was prepared for the months ahead.

Once he’d finished installing the new barbeque he invited Robyn over for a feast of burgers and hotdogs. After he’d married Louise his sister had returned to Bridgeport to pick up her old life; she’d been reluctant to go back initially but Ivy had talked her into it. Both she and Dylan had always felt a little guilty about Robbie… After Dylan’s accident she’d just dropped out of her own life in order to put his back together. Back in Bridgeport she had finished school properly and gone to work in Science as she’d always wanted to, ever since she’d constructed her ant farm back when she was a child.

It had also meant that she was there for her Uncle Tristan and Katya at the end. Both had passed away peacefully in their sleep the previous year within six months of each other, and Robyn was on hand to help their son and daughter pick up the pieces.

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Robyn had met someone back in Bridgeport…a Continue reading

33. The Girl Who Cried Werewolf…

Freya typed. And typed. And typed. Well into the night she wrote, hardly noticing the moonlight filtering through the window as it rose…

Clicking away on the library’s computer, Freya excited ordered the new Weresim In Bridgeport book. It was the latest addition to her absolute favourite series of books, even though her mother disapproved of their content. A little too grown up she thought, a little too advanced for her young daughter, despite Freya’s gift for literature. Well, that and her theory that reading fantasy novels was doing nothing to help Freya’s rather overactive imagination… Continue reading

32. A Lonely World

How does Simspeare present dramatic irony in this passage from…

Sighing, Freya massaged her aching forehead with her knuckles as she resisted the urge to scribble over her homework sheet, scrumple it up, and throw it across the room. Somehow she felt that her teacher wouldn’t appreciate her work being handed in in that state again.

Scribbling down a few words, she read them back and rubbed them out, scowling. She didn’t care.

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