36. Henry Halls

‘So sis, how’s it all going?’ Lily finally reappeared a little earlier than usual and had headed straight for the fridge to dig out a hot dog. Freya stole a sideways glance and marvelled at how she could eat so much crap; just about every time she saw her she was shovelling pizza or some other junk food down her neck. The perks of the Phys Ed degree, she supposed. ‘Where’s your shadow?’

‘My what?’

‘Leo, you div! You too are pretty inseparable, no?’ Lily winked, smirking as Freya’s cheeks glowed a little pink.



‘Meaning you’re spending a lot of time with that boy…’

‘Of course I am, Lil, we’re friends. Friends spend a lot of time together! We’re even on the same course, so I really don’t know what you’re insinuating!’

‘I’m not insinuating anything, Freya. Just saying, you spend a lot of time together, so I’m surprised you’re not with him now. No need to get tetchy!’

With that, Leo strolled into the hall and plonked himself down between the twins. ‘Found that book, Freya! Hi, Lily!’


‘Ah, there you are Leo! Was just wondering where you were,’ Lily giggled to herself as Freya found her textbook incredibly interesting. We’re just friends, damnit! she grouched to herself. 

‘Anyway you two, while I’ve got you both here – we’re having a Halls party on Friday night.’

‘Oh, what?’ Freya’s head snapped up. ‘Seriously?’

‘Yep!’ Lily grinned happily. ‘Just a chance for us all to get together, have some drinks, I think Lizzie’s going to get Dave to bring in a ping pong table. I’ll have to teach you both how to play juice pong, it’s hilarious!’

‘I really don’t think that’s my kind of thing, Lil -‘

‘Oh, don’t be stupid! C’mon Freya, just this once! I want to party with my twin, and her friend, at least once before exams start! Please?’

*       *       *

‘We like to drink with Lily, ‘cos Lily is our mate! And when we drink with Lily, she gets it down in 8! 7! 6!’

Lily tried not to laugh as she was hoisted upside down at the juice keg, spluttering as she gulped down as much as she could while everyone stood around singing the same old drinking song they sang every time someone filled a keg up.


‘No, no! I can’t do anymore, let me down!’ she choked as she reached her limit, kicking her legs as Dave reluctantly placed her down.

‘Oh for gnomes sake, Lily! I thought you could do better than that!’ Freya laughed as she watched her twin. She wasn’t having as bad a time as she thought she would do, although that might have had something to do with the warm fuzz that was gently settling down on her as the juice flowed. The music was playing, everyone was having a good time… Maybe I have missed out on some things she thought as she danced away with Leo, trying to keep in time with the beat as the juice slowly stole the little natural rhythm she had.


‘Pfft, Freya! I’d like to see you try! Besides, I’ve got to keep a reasonably clear head so I can thrash Liz at juice pong! Come on Lizzie, game on! What are we, 45-34 now?’

‘In your dreams, Lily Rivers! You’re not that good!’ Lizzie shrieked as she hauled herself up from the sofa she was slumped on.


‘Ooo, that sounds like a challenge to me! You’re going down, Mund!’

Leo grinned as the juice pong game began, with Lily throwing her ping pong ball one of Lizzie’s cups on the first attempt. ‘Your sister is such a party animal, isn’t she? You two are so different, I can’t believe it!’


‘Not many people can! I guess everyone always expects twins to be so identical in every way, but we’re really not.’

‘Apparently so!’ Leo’s eyes fell on the now-vacant keg in the corner. ‘Having said that, do you think you could beat her at a keg stand?’

‘What?! Course I can’t! I’ve never done one before!’

Leo’s eyes flashed mischievously. ‘Ah, come on, why not! When in Rome, and all that. I’ll do one if you do!’

Freya didn’t know if it was her good mood or the juice flowing through her, but… ‘Oh, go on then! Might have to get some help lifting you, though!’

‘Oi, cheeky!’



Freya was woken by the early morning sunlight filtering through the gap in the curtains, although she tried to ignore it for as long as she could. Eurgghhh, how does Lily do this every other night… My head! she cursed inwardly as the first throes of hangover began to weigh heavily on her.

Although… What…

Slowly, she became aware that it wasn’t just the hangover holding her down to the bed. Opening her eyes a little, she realised that she didn’t recognise the bed spread she was snuggled into…


Her heart sank as she peeked over her shoulder. She wasn’t alone…

Leo?! What the hell!!

Resisting the urge to leap out of bed, she released herself from the arm cuddled around her waist and sat up, her head spinning with more than just the after effects of last night’s juice.


What even happened last night? What… What… Oh, gnomes…


What the hell have I done… 

19 thoughts on “36. Henry Halls

  1. Oh no! What a terrible way to wake up the morning after a party! I hope Freya’s not pregnant from her one night stand! I wonder why Lily didn’t keep tabs on her, but I guess she was busy with her own friends.

    Great chapter, as always! The Communications and juice stuff looks fun. I’ll have to delve into that more the next time I send a Sim to university. 😉

  2. YAY, I’m so glad that you posted again 😀 This is amazing!!! I love your writing style and characters, please write more often, I will read anything that you post! 😀

    • Hahaha, I’m going to try my very best to get chapters out more regularly, but I don’t have the best track record 😉 After Freya and Lily have finished university I’m going to buy Island Paradise (I don’t even have it yet, what?!) so that should keep my interest piqued for a good while yet 😉 Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m do glad your writing again, I’ve missed the Rivers! This is a great chapter, I really want to find out what Lily was doing. When do you think the next chapter will be out?

  4. It’s nice to see that the girls are getting along despite their differences! I’m surprised that Freya was the one to sneak off like that, hopefully it doesn’t ruin her friendship with Leo. They seem to be pretty close. Can’t wait to see Lily’s reaction.

    Fantastic chapter, as always!

  5. Hello! 😀
    I Just found your legacy the other day and I’m totally hooked, I’ve read up until this point and I have to say, its amazing, I really enjoy it! Can’t wait for more! x

  6. oooh glad you’re still updating and SO glad to see the twins at university. I love that XP so much! Is it bad that I hope this is Freya and Leo together and happy and they just didn’t get together for the first time in an ‘ideal’ way?

  7. Look, usually, I don’t like a story with a third person POV. But, after reading this , I changed my mind.


    Uhm.. anyway, here’s my legacy’s link, please check it out if you don’t mind and if you have time, 🙂

  8. This was the first legacy for the sims that I’ve read and I have to say it’s hard to get into any of the others because of this one. You’re focus on story telling really makes this stand out. I hope your going to continue to write more posts for this. I’d really like to see how the River’s family makes out down the line.

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