35. Communication

Freya was on her way home from the library. She’d found a book she’d borrowed months ago – Not Expecting Much – and, mortified, had run straight back to her paradise with it. She had a good relationship with the staff there having been a regular since her youth and didn’t want anything to ruin that, but thankfully no harm was done. They had even halved the fine for her, given her loyalty to the public service and her clean record.

So it was with an uncharacteristic spring in her step that Freya walked past the park, her heart light. I wish I had more people who treated me that way, she thought. I wish Lily would… Wait… Lily?aFreya caught a glimpse of an orange dress out of the corner of her eye. Lily’s dress. What was she doing there? Sat in the den? That wasn’t like her, she hadn’t frequented the playground since she was what, thirteen? This was the hangout of the younger teenagers, Lily and her friends were more likely to be sat out at the park sunning themselves, especially in this weather…

Although her back was turned to her twin, Freya clearly saw Lily’s hand wipe at her face. Tears… Lily was crying?

Had Freya been in her usual cantankerous mood she probably wouldn’t have done what she did next but, as it happened, she was having a good day.

‘Lil? What’s up?’b

Lily blinked back her tears furiously. ‘What are you doing here?!’

‘Library run. So… What’s the matter?’

Lily ignored the question, staring furiously at the fireman’s pole. Freya rolled her eyes.

‘Right. Okay then. I’ll just make myself comfortable.’c

The pair sat opposite one another in silence for a few minutes, listening to the slight breeze rustle through the treetops.

‘Why are you here, Freya?’ There was no malice in Lily’s tone. It was a simple question.

Running her fingers through her ponytail self-consciously, Freya shrugged. ‘I don’t know. You’re sad.’

‘I don’t come to you when you’re sad…’

Freya paused, thinking over this. ‘You used to.’

Not looking at her sister, Lily nodded her head. ‘Fin… Finlay’s gay.’ d

Freya grimaced. ‘And you love him.’

‘And he’s gay…

‘I… I know.’


*       *       *

‘Do you remember the day I missed curfew? I’d been at the library… Well, where else? And I left my card there?’

Lily smiled as she swung gently on her swing; a group of kids had turned up at the park and pushed the sisters off their perch. The swings would do for now. ‘That was so typical of you, Freya…’

‘I know, I know,’ Freya grinned before her smile faltered. ‘Well, I… I’d seen Finlay there. He hadn’t seen me…’

‘Stop being cryptic!’e

‘Sorry! Well, he’d been at one of the computers sat typing away for a while, and I’d been waiting to use it. I needed that specific one, I wanted a website I’d been on a couple of days ago but I’d forgotten the address completely; I knew it’d be saved in the internet history. He was being really weird, so jumpy… Mrs. Wilkes the librarian asked him if he was okay and he nearly jumped out of his seat! I just put it down to him being, well, him. You know I don’t really like him…’

Freya hesitated, scuffing at a lone dandelion with the toe of her trainer. ‘When I finally got to the computer and clicked on the history, the most recent came up first. He… He’d been on a dating site…’

Closing her eyes, Lily sighed. ‘A gay dating site.’

‘Of course.’

‘But… why didn’t you tell me, Freya? If you knew for this long, why didn’t you say something? You clearly knew how I felt about him! What, was it just because you don’t like him?’

‘No, of course not!’

‘Then why?!’

An odd smile flitted across Freya’s face. ‘You wouldn’t have believed me, Lily. You know you wouldn’t.’f


‘You know you wouldn’t! You know who you’re talking to, right? Freaky Freya, the compulsive liar?’g

Lily nodded slowly, agreeing. ‘You’re right. I probably wouldn’t have done.’

Spinning in her seat a little, Freya sighed dramatically. ‘No “probably” about it, Lily. You wouldn’t have done, plain and simple. All my fault. I’m like the boy who cried wolf…’

‘You got that right!’ The twins exchanged glances with each other and burst into companionable giggles before falling back into silence. ‘Oh, Freya. How did we get so far apart?’ h

‘Probably because we always had to share attention and I didn’t like it, and you didn’t like the way I didn’t like it,’ Freya replied matter-of-factly. ‘I suppose all the detentions I got us both didn’t help either…’

‘But still, you’re my sister. I should’ve stood by you…’

‘But I was very hard to live with, Lil.’

‘Was? You’re using past tense there?’

‘Fair point!’ The two collapsed into giggles once more.

‘Ah, twinny. What have we become, hey?’ Lily said a little nostalgically as the pair calmed down. ‘How can we look the same but be so different?’

‘Gnomes knows. I blame the parents,’ Freya winked.

‘I am sorry though.’

‘Me too. Seriously.’

Simultaneously, the two sisters stood up and hugged one another tight.j

‘Freya? Please talk to Mum…’ Lily said, still holding her twin tight.i 

Freya’s heart sank a little. She knew she should. ‘I will, Lily… Once I find the words…’

*       *       *

The bag of dirty washing heavy in her hand, Louise paused as she reached her daughter’s bedroom door. The gentle beat of the music sneaking out from underneath it told her she was in there. Louise could picture her, bathed in the magenta light as she sat at her desk, nose buried in another book…

She’d been walking on eggshells around her. She simply didn’t know what to say. Guilt was gnawing away at her, but what she wanted more than anything was to make her eldest twin feel loved, and safe. Like a mother should.

Like she hadn’t. Well, like she felt she hadn’t…

Taking a deep breath, Louise tapped quickly on the door and slipped inside before Freya could call out to her. ‘Just picking up the washing, Freya,’ she mumbled, barely looking at her daughter, expecting the cold shoulder.


Freya took a sideways glance at her mother as she hurriedly gathered up her washing. She looks so… So sad… Oh, what have I done?!

Swallowing, Freya closed her book. Her encounter with her sister in the park had taught her that sometimes, you just needed to deal with a problem head-on. Just go for it…

You never give me the time of day!

There’s no point in being proud of me!

It’s nothing to do with you!

Freya groaned inwardly as her harsh words echoed in her ears. Selfish. She was selfish. There were no two ways about it. She’d wanted everything both ways. Wanted to be left alone, but she hadn’t wanted her mother to actually leave her alone… Her mother had been there for her throughout everything, been dragged into school time and time again for meeting after meeting as a result of countless detentions and missed homeworks and had never once judged her…

She’d just given her what she always said she wanted. Space.

18 thoughts on “35. Communication

  1. It’s wonderful to see the twins on such good terms with each other, and everything else falling into place behind. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire chapter! Are you planning on sending them both to Uni?

  2. I am very happy that everyone has finally gotten everything out into the open. 🙂

    Can’t wait for more. And I can’t wait to see what stuff they get into a Uni… If you send them there.

    • Yeah, it was about time they all starting actually talking to each other! They’ll be off to uni, so look out for their antics there 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. I read this on my phone at the coffee shop the other day, but couldn’t log in to leave a comment and that just won’t do! I love how the family is repairing all the broken relationships. It really did just come down to a lack of communication, so it would be really sad if the family was torn apart for good over something as silly and easy to rectify as that. I remember chuckling at the timing of your chapter because the next chapter I have planned involves a prom as well, haha! My triplets and your twins seem to be aging at the same pace which is kind of neat.

    I can’t wait to see what the kids get up to in uni. I’ll probably send my three stooges there, too because I like the expansion a lot. I just miss the classic dorm rooms from TS2. I think that’s my only real problem with it but it’s a lot of fun to play. The non-playable roomies could probably do a better job of not starving to death, though. :/

    Anyway, I digress. Amazing chapter, as always. I get so excited whenever I see you’ve updated. ❤

  4. Ahhhhhh! What a lovely chapter:) I’m so happy everyone’s getting along better, fingers crossed it lasts!
    Haha! I laughed when the girls dressed the same and fooled everyone a very ‘twinny’ thing to do:)
    I’m looking forward to them going to Uni:)

  5. It’s good to see that the sisters have made their peace. For now, anyways – Llamas only know what they’ll get up to in uni. One of my favorite families has a teenager who may be best reason to want to buy University – I just love him to pieces, and it’s been fun watching him throughout his life. Now I need to see what trouble he can get into there, and maybe find someone to take home to meet his parents… Need to see what he’s got to pick from, though.

  6. I fell in love with this legacy soo quickly and managed to read it all within 2 days, I was hooked! I had such a soft spot for Ivy and Ethan that was definitely the best generation.
    I hope there’s more updates of this legacy it’s defiantly the best one I’ve read! X

  7. Hey Sian! Hope you’ve been well! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I still check your blog regularly. I do hope you’ll update soon, but I know how busy life gets. I have a chapter for the Waverunners planned out in my head but no time to collect screenshots and actually write it.

    I do miss your Rivers family though so hopefully we can both get back into the swing of things with our Simmies soon! 😀

  8. Hi, I’m a new reader, I have just read the Rivers Legacy the whole way through and I think it’s great. I wish my writing could be as good as yours but I’ll just have to keep practicing. I hope you can write some more chapters because I’m missing the twins!

  9. Just leaving a comment to say hello and thank you for sharing your great stories. I know they take a lot of work and I really have appreciated them. I do hope you’ll continue, but if not, thanks for having shared this part of the Rivers story with us. 🙂 Cheers.

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