34. Speechless

Freya lazily flipped through the post, ripping open the letters, signing off on the bills and putting them back in the postbox ready for collection the next day. Same old, same old.

A better chore than dusting the top of the kitchen cabinets though.

As she came to the last envelope however, her heart stalled a little. It was addressed to her.

The return address was Simlish Publications Limited. They’d… They’d actually got back to her…


Heart suddenly beating wildly, Freya tore open the letter and read it intently. Reaching the end, she stood there utterly stunned.

Dear Freya Rivers,

Thank you very much for submitting your manuscript ‘The Girl Who Cried Werewolf’ for our consideration. As you know, we receive a great number of such documents on a daily basis and, as a result, we have a very stringent selection process. Very few aspiring authors make the cut.

We are happy to announce that you have done. We here at Simlish Publications Limited thoroughly loved your modern twist on a classic tale, and we feel it is perfect for our autumn publication schedule.

While we would like to meet with you in order to edit your draft a little, we assure you that this is a process we go through with all of our publications. We will be in touch shortly with a date for your meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Archie Brent


‘Freya! Ah, good girl, you’ve sorted the post out… Freya? What’s the matter?’ Louise, back from walking Cooper, took her eldest twin by surprise.


‘Freya! What’s happened?!’

Still speechless with shock, Freya handed her mother the letter. Louise scanned it quickly, still confused. ‘I don’t understand, Freya? You… You wrote a book?’

Nodding, Freya cleared her throat and tried to find her voice. ‘Yeah. A few months ago. I, er, I sent it off on a whim and didn’t hear anything for ages. Until now. I guess they liked it…’p

‘But… But that’s fantastic, Freya! I’m so proud of you! Do you have a copy saved somewhere? Can I read it? Why didn’t you tell me?!’ Louise clapped excitedly, elated for her daughter’s success. Freya read her expression and her heart hardened.

‘I didn’t tell you because you were busy.’

‘Busy? What do you mean, Freya?’

‘You were busy with Lily. You’re always busy with Lily. Shopping for the prom, visits to the spa, horse riding at your Uncle’s riding school. So I didn’t get a chance to tell you, I’m afraid,’ Freya replied coolly, seething to herself.q

It was Louise’s turn to be speechless. ‘Freya, I… I don’t understand… You don’t like shopping or the spa, or -‘

‘But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like spending time with you, Mum! You never give me the time of day! It’s always “Turn your music down Freya, Lily can’t concentrate!” “Come and look at Lily’s prom dress Freya, why won’t you go as well?” “Lily got an A in Simlish, aren’t you proud of her?” Well Mum, this is my achievement, and it’s mine. There’s no point in you getting all proud of me because it’s nothing to do with you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have homework to be getting on with.’ Spitting her last words out, Freya brushed past her stunned mother and up the stairs into the house.r

Louise’s heart broke a little.

*       *       *

Dylan returned from the gym a little later than he had intended to, and had expected to find his wife in bed. He was surprised and a little concerned to find her stood in her dressing gown staring blankly at the two china hearts on the wall. Each had a handprint and a footprint stamped in the middle; the twins had made them for their mother’s birthday when they were just three years old.

‘Lou? What’s the matter?’


Louise turned to face her husband. ‘Do you think I’m a bad mother, Dylan?’

Dylan was the third of the Rivers family to be struck dumb that day. t

‘What? I… What!?’

‘You heard me. Am I a bad mother? I want the truth, please.’

‘What? Louise, honey, of course you’re not! What’s brought this on?’

‘Freya hates me.’

‘She doesn’t ha-‘

‘Freya. Hates. Me. And from what she’s said, I don’t blame her either,’ Louise said bitterly.

‘But… What do you mean? No she doesn’t, you know what she’s like -‘

‘But that’s just it, Dylan! We don’t! Our daughter’s just been left to get on with everything while we’ve basically just focused on Lily because she was easier!’ Shaking, Louise tried to contain herself before she became hysterical.

‘That’s not true at all, Lou!’

‘Yes it is!’u

‘She’s right! I’ve done so much with Lily and nothing with Freya!’

‘But she hasn’t wanted to do anything with us for ages! We were just giving her what she wanted! Space!’

‘She never wanted space Dylan! She just needed us to reach out to her, to let her know that we were still here for her! And we didn’t! And now she hates me!’v

‘I’m a bad mother, Dylan! It’s all my fault!’

*       *       *

‘For gnomes’ sake Lily! Why on earth would you choose this for us to do?!’ Finlay cried out as he wobbled his way around the skating rink, feeling like Bambi on ice. w

‘You baby! I thought you’d be good at it!’ Lily laughed as her prom date nearly fell over the railing after crashing wildly into it. ‘Oh come on, let’s get off here before you do yourself a serious injury!’

Finlay and Lily had been spending more time together since agreeing to go to the prom together. The pair were rarely seen without one another, and Lily would text him every Friday night arranging how they would spend their weekends.

It was the happiest she’d ever been. And yet… There was something strange about their relationship. Finlay had asked her to the prom, and yet… Well, he’d never ‘made a move’, to coin a phrase. He’d occasionally link through her arm as they walked to class, but nothing more than that. Lily had already decided that he was simply a gentleman, but Bianca and Chantrelle weren’t so sure.

‘You looked like such a flamingo on there!’ Lily laughed after the two had handed their skates in. ‘All legs and arms going everywhere!’x

‘Well it’s not my fault I’m not blessed with your natural balance!’ Finlay laughed at himself, his good nature shining through. He could take a joke, could laugh at himself. A rare quality in a teenage boy. ‘Did you see me nearly fall over the railing? I’d have flattened that old woman watching her grandkids!’

‘Of course I did Fin, the whole park did! Best thing to happen at the festival all season! You’ll be on the six o’clock news mate!’ y

The two creased up with laughter, both seeing Finlay’s comedic skating in their minds. Each time one of them started to calm down, the sight of the other still giggling away would set them off again, and before long the pair were breathless.

Lily wasn’t sure if it was lack of oxygen from laughing too much, the heat, something she ate earlier that day, but as she looked at Finlay, into his deep eyes she found herself lost in so often, something took over her senses…zza

‘Lily?! What the hell… What are you doing?!’

‘Oh my god… I’m so sorry Finlay… I just, I thought -‘

‘Thought what?!’

‘Well we’ve been spending so much time together, and you asked me to the prom! I thought… I thought we were…’


‘I thought we were together! Why else would you ask me to prom?!’ Lily retorted angrily, her face growing hot. People were staring…zb

‘Lily, I asked you as a friend! I thought we’d have more fun together rather than on some awkward date!’

‘But why, Finlay! Why don’t you like me like that?!’

‘…You… You don’t know?’

‘Know what?!’zc

‘Oh, Lily… I just assumed that you knew, or had at least guessed…’zd

‘I… I’m gay, Lily.’

Lily’s heart broke a little. Turning, she fled the scene.ze

20 thoughts on “34. Speechless

  1. Well, I’m super glad you made a new chapter! It’s fantastic, once again my writing skills are not nearly as good as yours. Nice plot twist by the way, I would’ve never figured that out. By the way, where did you get the china heart footprint/handprint thing? And did you get University?

    • Yes! I did get University and it’s contents will be making an appearance on the blog in a couple of chapters time 😉 The china heart came with Generations I do believe 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  2. Poor Lily 😦 and Freya. I do think that her family should have spent more time with her, even if she was mor difficult. I’m really suprised that Finley was gay, to be honest it’s quite mean to ask a girl to prom without telling her. It’s really good about Freyas book even if she was a bit harsh on Louise.

    It’s really good that Robyn found her true love 🙂 But not Ivy 😦 I loved ivy, I don’t want her to be dead!

    Anyway, I’m really glad you’re back and it was a really good cahpter 🙂

    • I see it as Finlay just figured that Lily knew as they were so close and he’d never actually made a move on her – friend intuition, if that makes sense! He never knew that she had feelings for him.

      Thanks for reading, I’m pleased you enjoyed it! Always feel a bit rusty after a long time away from writing, haha 🙂

  3. It’s good to see you posting again, great update. It’s good to see Robyn back and happy. However it was unfortunate Ivy passed on before the wedding.

    I’m happy that Freya got published and even though she was a bit harsh to Louise, it probably will help open her parents eyes a bit more and see that they need to pay more attention to her before it’s too late. Freya has had it tough, I feel for her.

    I also would have never ever guessed that Finlay was gay, I just sat there all shocked for a minute or two. I felt bad for Lily because I honestly thought he had feelings for her, poor Lily.

    I hope to see more soon. 🙂

  4. It’s nice to see you back:)
    This chapter was beautifully written, it’s so sad that Ivy passed away but she did good to last to 103! Great news for Robbie, I’m so glad she found someone as nice as Booker. Such a shame Ivy couldn’t be there on her special day although I agree with Dylan that she was there in spirit.
    Poor Louise to feel like she’s a bad mother:( Freya was pretty harsh with her. I hope they can sort things out.
    I had a feeling Finlay was gay, I hope Lily can see past it and still be friends with him.
    Great chapter:)

    • Thanks! I’m so pleased you thought the chapter was well-written, that’s always a concern for me after a hiatus (so the last few chapters really!). I’m really glad you enjoyed the chapter as well! Thanks for the taking the time to read it 🙂 It really does mean a lot x

  5. This is such a sad chapter, but I’m trying to see the (hopefully) silver lining. Ivy is with her husband now while her daughter, Robbie, is happily married to a great guy. Dylan and Louise can now begin to repair their relationship with Freya, now that they know how broken it is and Freya has something to be really proud of. Finally, Lily’s going to be OK, Finlay didn’t really string her along and it’s just heartache #1 in a young girl’s life.

    • I love your optimism so much! Totally seeing this as a happy chapter now :p Brilliant stuff. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I seriously appreciate it 🙂

  6. Aw, poor Lily! Had something similar happen to me way back in the day. I took it better than she did, though, haha. 😀 So sad about Ivy dying right before Robyn’s wedding. Sims always seem to pick the worst times to croak, don’t they? I laughed at Dylan and Booker having a manly bonding session over the BBQ. Reminded me of my dad and uncles, haha!

    Hopefully Louise can find a way to connect with Freya. She’s not that bad of a kid. I mean, she sneaks out after curfew to go read. There are much worse things she could be getting up to!

    Lovely chapter, as always!

    • They really do die at the worst times, I’m so fed up of having every special event marred with death. Hoping it doesn’t happen again for a long time!

      Thanks so much for reading 🙂 I do appreciate it. Good to see you back, Ashleigh!

  7. These last few weeks I’ve been reading your legacy and now that I’m finally caught up I’m sad there’s not any more chapters left to read!

    Anyway, I love what you do. This is probably my favourite legacy by now. You go, girl.

    • Oh wow, thank you so much! I’m so pleased you enjoy my legacy so much 🙂 Really appreciate you taking the time to sit and read it all too, there’s a fair bit to get through! I can go on a bit 😉 I posted again today, so I hope you read and enjoy the new chapter too. Thanks again!

  8. Finally caught up! I’m relieved Dylan didn’t get too far ahead of me, and recovered from that fire-scare, but my what an ordeal the family seems to be going through! Shame that Ivy has passed, she was a wonderful character. Robyn and Booker seem to be a good match though, I hope we get to hear more from them now and then (and babies! They should have lots of those!). I really love the twins’ contrasting characters, and that they both have their fair share of teenage troubles, but I must admit Freya is my favourite of the two.

    Looking forward to the next update!

    • Genuinely so thrilled to see you back Tipix! It’s been such a long time 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with my legacy, it means a lot. Off to catch up with the Chouettes now! Very excited to get stuck in again!!

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