32. A Lonely World

How does Simspeare present dramatic irony in this passage from…

Sighing, Freya massaged her aching forehead with her knuckles as she resisted the urge to scribble over her homework sheet, scrumple it up, and throw it across the room. Somehow she felt that her teacher wouldn’t appreciate her work being handed in in that state again.

Scribbling down a few words, she read them back and rubbed them out, scowling. She didn’t care.

She just did not care.It wasn’t the reading, it wasn’t the books. It was never the books themselves. She loved them with a fiery passion, and had already read the whole year’s syllabus three times. Freya adored Simspeare’s plays, marvelling at the flow of each character’s speech and eagerly deciphering the ye Olde Simlish language, amazed at how many words the playwright had simply made up on the spot to fit in with the rhythm of the lines.

She loved the books. She just hated the learning. All the ‘between the lines’ and ‘what the author really meant to say in this paragraph’ nonsense. The author meant what they were saying, for gnomes sake! The blue curtains are just blue curtains, they don’t represent melancholy!

Groaning, she tucked her homework sheet back into her school bag and flopped down on her bed, admitting defeat. She could make something up on the bus tomorrow. All she wanted to do was to get back into Murder In Pleasantview. Pulling the book out from under her pillow, she made herself comfortable and turned on her CD player.

This was her world, and no-one could reach her in it. No-one could get to her, drag her out… Freya heard laughter coming from the other side of the far bedroom wall. Her brow furrowed; she picked up the stereo remote and turned the volume up another few notches.

There. No-one could get at her now.


‘For gnomes sake, all this Simspeare stuff is so boring! Give me a car magazine any day of the week!’ Finlay exclaimed as he and Lily poured over their homework together, sat cosily on the rug on her bedroom floor. Lily laughed, adjusting her hat a little.

‘You’re not wrong there! I totally don’t get why we can’t do something a bit more modern. Something written in a language we can understand!’

‘Too right!’ Finlay grinned back at his friend, and Lily felt her cheeks glow a little, suddenly aware of how close she was sat to him.

He smells amazing… Oh stop it Lily, don’t be so pathetic!! You’re friends! Nothing else!

‘So do you think we’ll… Oh, so it begins!’ Finlay rolled his eyes as a thumping bassline suddenly started reverberating through the walls; the necklaces hung from Lily’s mirror started jingling as the force of the music shook them. ‘Hm, only just gone four o’clock. She’s given up earlier today,’ he said as he checked the time on his phone.

Gazing at the wall separating her from her twin, Lily felt a wave of sadness sweep over her. ‘I know. I don’t know what’s happened to her. She just seems so… Lost…’

‘Yes, well, if you’re going to be a complete bitch to everyone who comes your way you’re never going to have anyone to bring you back again when you scoot off the rails. I’m sorry Lily, I know she’s your sister…’

‘No, no, I agree with you. She is a bitch. It’s just hard, you know? Everyone expects twins to be close, but we’re just complete opposites…’ Lily trailed off, feeling inexplicably traitorous.

‘I know what you mean. Look, we’re never going to concentrate on this here. Want to go out to the park or something?’

‘Yeah, sure! I’ll just ask my Mum first, check it’s okay. You know she worries after Freya stayed out too late that time.’

‘For gnomes sake, your sister ruins everything!’

‘Tell me about it! It’ll be fine though. We can finish this on the bus tomorrow!’

*       *       *

‘Of course you can go out dear, the park’s only just down the road! Just please don’t be late home, you know I worry about you -‘

‘I know, Mum! I’ll be back half an hour before curfew, I promise.’

‘It’s fine, Lily. At least I can trust one of my girls!’

As Louise waved her youngest twin and her friend off from the front porch, no-one noticed the lone figure stood watching from her bedroom window, bathed in the magenta light from her wall lamp over her desk.

It’s funny, the things you hear during a CD change.


‘…So basically, she used the whole “I forgot my phone and didn’t know the time and couldn’t call” excuse, and then her phone rang from her pocket!’ Lily laughed as she recounted the tale of Freya being brought home in a police car a couple of months previously. Finlay creased up laughed.

‘Ah, rookie mistake that! Where had she even been all that time?!’

‘That was puzzling me too! I mean, she doesn’t really have anyone to hang out with any more and it’s not like you can wander around on your own all night. Anyway, Mum snatched her phone from her and answered it. It was the woman from the library.’

‘The library?!’

‘Yeah, Freya had left her library card. Turned out she’d been in there all night! The librarian hadn’t seen her, she’d tucked herself away somewhere and she didn’t realise she was there until she was filing back the returned books.’

‘The library. Gnomes, what a loser! No wonder she hasn’t got any friends! I can’t believe how different you two are, Lily. You’re definitely the good twin.’ Finlay’s eye twinkled as he grinned at his friend.

‘So… got a date for the prom yet, Fin?’ Lily asked nonchalantly. ‘Rumour has it you’re asking that red head from your sociology class?’ Neither of the pair were particularly high up the popularity ladder, but as the biggest event on the school’s calendar approached everyone spoke about everyone.

‘Her? Nah, she’s… She just isn’t my type. Have you?’

‘No, no-one’s asked me. I was just going to go in a girly group with Bianca and Chanterelle.’

‘Well, how about we go together?’

‘…What?!’ Lily’s heart leapt several metres into the air.

‘Well why not? We already know each other and we’ll have a great time. Half that lot who’re going with dates don’t know the first thing about the person they’re going with. But we already have fun together. Come on, it’ll be a laugh!’

‘Are you being serious?!’

‘Yes! Go on Lily, be my prom date! I’ll get you one of those flowery things too, the whole shebang!’

‘…Alright then! Yes! I’ll go with you!’

‘Right! That’s that sorted then. No need to worry any more! Ooo…’ Finlay jumped as his phone’s alarm rang out from his pocket. ‘That’s our forty five minute warning! Come on prom date, I’ll do the gentlemanly thing and walk you home.’

As Finlay’s back turned, Lily let out a silent cheer.

Finlay had just asked her to the prom. Finlay! The boy who’d been her best friend for five years, the boy she’d been hopelessly in love with for four. The boy who jumped to her defence from his fort in the tree tops all those years ago.

He liked her. He like liked her after all!

27 thoughts on “32. A Lonely World

  1. Oh, Freya…

    I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for the troublemaker, and it certainly looks like she hasn’t done herself any favors growing up. Now she has the consequences, and no one really seems that willing to let her change.

    • Yeah that’s the thing, if you behave a certain way for too long it doesn’t really matter any more… People already view you in a particular way and won’t let you make amends. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Poor Freya. I can understand how she feels now. Always looked down on, over shadowed by her sister. 😦 lily is nice but too perfect. I like Freya. Did something happen in her past that we don’t know about?

    • Erm something somewhat happened, it’ll become clearer in coming chapters. I’m saying that a lot here, haha! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  3. Oh Freya ❤
    I really do feel bad for her. While Lily is nice to her, I can't help but like Freya better. All she wants is to make her Mum proud in some way, but Lily is so "perfect" that she feels like there is no use in trying and locks herself away in her music and books.
    Poor dear ❤ I wish Lily's friends would just give her a break- she's not bothering them, so just leave her alone!
    Lastly… does Freya have a little crush on Finlay? Or was she just stunned by her sister's proposal to prom.? Hmmmm….

    • Hmmm, Freya and Finlay… Let’s just say that there is something there, but it’s not necessarily romantic… It’ll become clearer in a couple of chapters time 😉
      Thanks for reading! 🙂 I really do appreciate it, and I’m catching up with your legacy tonight after work!!

  4. Poor Freya! Both girls really don’t know how to react with each other… Lily is good, but it annoyed the living daylights out of me that everyone was all like “Lily, you are the good twin.”

    So the way I see it, Freya feels inadequate, so she shuts everyone else out because “who would want to be with her?” and Lily feels that Freya just doesn’t like people, or her for that matter, so she pushes people away. Am I wrong?

    It saddens me even more that not only are the teenagers acting like that, but without realizing it, Dylan and Louise are also pushing Freya off to the side in favor of Lily. I enjoyed the chapter nonetheless. 🙂 Can’t wait for more insight on the twins. And good luck to Lily with Finlay…

    So I checked out the chapters page, and it shows both Lily and Freya as the heirs. Does that mean you are doing a dual heirship thing?

    • It means I haven’t decided yet, haha! I may go for both, it’d be fun to have two heirs I think, but I might have a poll when they both reach young adulthood. Having a think 🙂

      Thanks for reading! I’m pleased you enjoyed the chapter, and I’m loving the Freya speculation. I won’t answer right now because it’ll become clearer in coming chapters, but you’re on the right lines!

  5. I feel so bad for Freya. It seems like she is often overshadowed by her twin sister. I can totally relate to her as I have two older brothers, and sometimes it gets really annoying to always be compared to your siblings. I don’t think Freya means to be “away” from her family in a way. I just think that she tries to make her mom proud, but in the end, she’s always compared to Lily. I still like both girls, and if you aren’t doing a duel heirship (which is an awesome idea!) I will have a tough time choosing which one to vote for.

    PS: I noticed you got supernatural. How is it? I’m definitely thinking of running to the store tomorrow to buy the game! 😀

    • Hiya! I really like Supernatural actually, although I’m not entirely sure how I can involve it in my legacy properly… Not sure about going down that route, but will have a think 🙂 I do like it though, so much content, but I think I’ll enjoy Seasons more when November finally rolls around!

      Thank you for reading 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting stuck into your new legacy as soon as I get the chance!

  6. Poor Freya, It’s not nice when your parents thinks one of their daughters is better than the other! I hope she finds some escape in writing.
    Lily and Finlay are very cute together:) I hope their prom date goes well unlike Dylan and Lou’s!:) The girls make gorgeous teens.
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to read and comment, been a busy bee!:)
    Look forward to the next chapter!:)

    • It’s fine, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond!! Hope you’re a little less busy atm, haha. Thanks for reading, and I’m pleased you enjoyed it!

  7. For some strange reason your new post never appeared on my reader, or I must have missed it? Either way, I stumbled on your new post anyway. Poor Freya. She was so hurt when her mother said she couldn’t trust her. It just doesn’t seem like Lou to say something like that. Hopefully Freya’s writing will at least help her have an outlet for her frustrations. We’ve all been there before, in one way or another, I’m sure. Can’t wait to read more – especially about what happened with her and Finlay!
    Oh, btw, I finally put up a new chapter if you’d like to check it out 🙂

    • I didn’t see it as Louise deliberately slagging off her daughter, more an offhand comment that was accidentally harsh on Freya if that makes sense?
      I will get to reading your new post(s?) as soon as I can, hoping to do a bit of catching up tonight!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  8. I just read this entire blog in two days because I was so in love with the Rivers! It’s amazing how well you could write this and get picture shots perfectly from Sims. I hope you continue, I’d love to see an update!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m so pleased you love my legacy 🙂 I am absolutely carrying on with the story, hoping to get an update out very shortly!
      Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  9. Heeyy 🙂 i’ve only just had the chance to catch-up, great chapter as always. I like both the twins, I feel really sorry for Freya and hope she can be happier soon, but I like Lily too and was so happy when Finlay asked her to prom, I do hope that whatever happened between him and freya isn’t something awful :/ ha. Hope to see a new chapter soon 🙂 xx

  10. Hello! I haven’t started reading yet, but I just came to comment on the newest post. I wanted to know if you were still doing this, as the last time you updated was on September 5th. I just finished your Emmett legacy challenge and it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. I stayed up way too late some nights just so I could read it. You mixed tension, humor, romance, and hundreds of other genres into one fantastic tale which I will definitely miss! I really hope you aren’t finished with your Rivers legacy, as even though I haven’t started it yet, I already know from my previous experience with the Emmets that it will be amazing!

    • Aww, thank you so much, I’m so pleased you loved the Emmett legacy so much! 😀 That means a lot to hear. I’m not finished with the Rivers, having just updated now, I’ve just been sorely lacking in motivation. Hopefully that’s all sorted now though! 🙂

      I hope you enjoy The Rivers just as much as you enjoyed The Emmetts 🙂 x

  11. Ouch, now I feel bad for calling Freya a brat, because she ended up turning into me. I can really relate to her struggles to fit in. 😦

    Another great chapter. Prom is always so much fun, I had a blast screencapping the prom scene with Turquoise and Aqua in my legacy and you always take the most amazing pictures. I;m excited to see what sort of shenanigans your Sims will get up to at their prom!

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