31. Sandcastles in the Sky

‘Dylan, honey… It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. Can’t work wait?’ Sleepily, Louise tousled a hand through her hair as she stared bleary-eyed at her fiance. She’d woken to find his familiar presence absent from their room, replaced with the cross face of Cooper as he pawed her awake. Dylan had left the living room light on.

‘It’s not work!’ Dylan exclaimed as he closed down several browser windows as fast as he could. ‘I just… I couldn’t sleep…’Louise raised an eyebrow. ‘Well, sitting in front of that screen isn’t going to help you doze off…’

‘I know, I know. Just looking up a couple of things, is all…’ Dylan could hardly look at Louise, and, knowing she wouldn’t find answers, she grudgingly kissed him lightly on the head and padded off back to bed again, her brow furrowed. Dylan breathed a sigh of relief, and reopened his browser.

Imaginary friends continuing into adulthood… Repressed memories… Hallucinations…

Groaning, Dylan buried his head in his hands.

*       *       *

‘Hey! Freya, no fair! I was going to use those sticks!’ Ignoring the plaintive cries of her sister, Freya carefully stuck the twigs into the sides of her sandcastle. ‘Oh be quiet Lil, you wouldn’t know how to use them anyway. There, finished! Look! It’s a robot castle!’

Gleefully, Freya looked up at the less-than-impressed face of her twin and the bordering-on-angry one of their friend, Bianca. Paying their expressions little attention, she turned hers back to her project. ‘This is just like the castle Mummy and Daddy are getting married in. Did I tell you that they’re getting married soon Bianca?’

‘Yes, but Lily says they’re not getting married in a castle, they’re getting married at the park cos your Mummy wanted to get married outside.’ Bianca rolled her eyes at Lily. Freya was going to start again…

‘Well, Lily’s lying,’ Freya fibbed openly. ‘They’re getting married in a robot castle, and I’m going to be a bridesmaid.’

‘So’s Lily.’

‘No she isn’t.’

‘Yes I am!’ Lily piped up. ‘We both are!’

‘Only cos I said to Mum that you should! Anyway, I’m the important bridesmaid, so there,’ Freya stuck out her tongue as she let sand fall between her fingers.

‘Why’re you the important one?!’ asked Bianca, indignant on Lily’s behalf.

‘I’m the prettiest, and my dress is the nicest. Obviously.’ Freya grinned as Lily’s face fell.

‘We’re identical twins, Freya. We look the same…’

‘Yes, but I’m the pretty one!’

‘No you’re not, Freya!’ The three girls looked up to see a face peering down at them from the tree house. Finlay, a boy from their class, grinned down at them.

‘What did you say, Finlay?!’ Freya screeched up at the laughing boy, leaping to her feet and crushing her sand castle in the process.

‘You ‘eard!’ Finlay jeered. ‘You’re not the pretty one! Lily’s the pretty one cos she’s the good twin, and everyone knows good people are the most beautifullest! You’re just mean and nasty, and you look it!’ Cackling, Finlay withdrew from the window just as Freya threw her spade at him. Scowling, the eight year old turned on her twin.

‘God, Lily! As if you’re going out with that moron!’


‘It’s obvious,’ Freya continued, a sneer creeping across her features. ‘He loves you! Why else would he say all those things?’

‘No he doesn’t!’

‘Yes! He does!! Finlay loves Lily and Lily loves  Freaky Finlay!’


‘Wait till everyone at school hears about this!’

‘Freya!’ Lily felt her cheeks flushing bright red. Oh, how she wished her sister would cut her some slack once in a while…

‘You’ve gone all red! It’s so true!’

‘Well at least someone does like me!’ Lily snapped uncharacteristically. ‘No-one will ever love you! You’re so mean, Freya!’

*       *       *

Glaring at the two dolls clenched in her fists, Freya tried to nurse her injured pride the only way she knew how.

‘You can be Lily… and you can be Finlay…’ Angrily, she clashed the two dolls’ heads together. ‘And you can be married!’

‘Living unhappily together forever and always! Lily can have a moustache…’ Throwing Finlay to one side, the angry girl pulled a pen from her pocket and started doodling on the doll’s face, and soon ‘Lily’ was sporting a handlebar moustache and sideburns, with “Lily smells” tattooed across her forehead. ‘And Finlay… Finlay can have spots!’

‘Freya!’ The sound of her mother’s scolding voice made Freya jump, and she missed ‘Finlay’s face. ‘Mummy! You made me draw on me!’

‘Well at least the pen will come off your thumb! Those poor dollys, Freya! What have we said to you before about your toys?’

‘You said not to break them, but I wasn’t breaking them -‘

‘Defacing counts as breaking, young lady!’

‘What’s defacing?’ Freya retorted cheekily.

‘You know full well what defacing means! Hey, what’s this…’ Freya’s heart sank as Louise reached for the ‘Lily’ doll.

‘Oh, dear. Have you two girls had another fight?’ Louise tried her best to smile. Her two girls were at each other like a pair of spatting cats lately. Where had her two little angels gone?

Freya’s mind worked fast.

‘Lily said that no-one would ever love me…’ Her bottom lip trembled right on cue, and her big eyes misted over.

‘Oh, love! Why did she say that?’

‘Don’t know. I didn’t do nothing.’ Freya bowed her head, sniffling.


‘Yes, really! You always take Lily’s side! You never believe that she’s horrid to me!’

‘Sweetheart, you know that’s not true. Oh, come here…’ Louise reached out and enveloped her daughter in a tight hug.

‘I’ll go have a word with Lily, okay? But what she said isn’t true, you know. I love you, your Daddy loves you, Cooper loves you, Lily loves you – yes, Freya, Lily loves you! And some day you’ll find someone else who’ll love you just as you are, Freya Rivers. Now, go do your homework!’ Her heart warmed by Freya’s beaming smile, Louise tweaked her eldest twin’s bunches and watched as she scampered off into their bedroom, not seeing the smile settle into satisfied smirk as Freya’s back turned.

She’d gotten away with it.

24 thoughts on “31. Sandcastles in the Sky

  1. Yay! Welcome back! It’s so great to finally see the lovely Rivers again 😀

    Poor Lily… Freya has such an attitude on her. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it. I’m so so so happy to see Dylan and Louise finally get married. It seems like just yesterday that we were first getting to know her “in the middle of nowhere”. After all the ups and downs they went through, it’s wonderful to see their “happily ever after” moments. I have to admit, I was a little sad to see Puzzle go… but like you said, his job is over, so it’s fitting that he leave on their wedding day. Sorry for such a long post… just so excited for more!

    Would you mind to check out my new story and put it on your blog roll?

  2. Freya is a little schemer isn’t she? When I first saw the twins I sort of liked Freya better, she was the imperfect twin. Now that I know them a bit more, sheesh! But siblings will be siblings…

    The wedding was cute! and I feel bad for Puzzle. He was a pretty big nuisance, but its kind of sad… I wonder what he’s going to do now..?

    Welcome back! Nice to see the Rivers again.

    • I don’t know what Puzzle’s going to do, really. Now that he’s left Dylan’s story I don’t think I’ll write any more about him unless I get a really good idea, haha! Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Hey Sian, I know you probably have a bunch of stuff on your plate, but I (finally) posted a new chapter in my Lee legacy, and I have another little poll. Maybe you could check them out and vote?

  3. Welcome back Sian!:) It’s so good to see an update for the Rivers!
    I really enjoyed this chapter, Freya is such a handful. Poor Lily having to put up with that from her twin sister.
    Louise and Dylan looked lovely on their wedding day:) It was quite sad seeing Puzzle leave him because his job is over. You did that so well.
    It’s great to see you back:)

  4. Welcome back Siany!

    Great chapter! I love the dialogue between the twins. It’s so realistic and really does show how twins react in RL. However, Freya is a bit nasty towards her sister. I do hope it’s just a phase, and she’ll eventually grow out of it. The scene at the cemetery was heartbreaking! It’s still good to be reminded that Dylan misses his father, and Ivy misses her husband.

    The wedding scene was beautiful, and a perfect ending to the imaginary friend story line! Great job!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

  5. Hiiiii 🙂 so happy to see another chapter from the Rivers, welcome back 🙂

    What a great chapter to come back with, I loved it! Freya’s so mean, hopefully she’ll realize how mean she is to Lily. How cute would it be if Lily and Finlay ended up together!!

    I have to say Dylan going to the graveyard to visit his dad’s grave did bring a wee tear to me eye!ha. And their wedding as well, glad they finally got there, I loved Louise’s dress. I cried a bit for Puzzle too, the way you wrote it was fantastic I feel so bad for him!

    Looking forward to another update!!xx

    • Thanks, good to be back! Hoping that I won’t be awol forever again, haha!

      Haha, I already have amazing (hopefully…) plans for the four kiddies you see in this chapter. Hoping that I’ll throw a curveball or eight in the fourth generation!!

      So pleased you enjoyed Puzzle’s ending, I struggled a bit with it. It was time for him to go, but it’s hard writing out characters! Glad you thought it came off okay 🙂

      Hope you’re well!

  6. Only started reading this a few days ago. Loving it !! Was a bit say when Ethan died !!! Looking forward to the next chapter x

  7. Finally caught up with all your previous chapters!
    I love both twins equally however I’m starting to get concerned with Freya! I know they’re just kids but maybe this is a glimpse of her future self?

  8. Wow… Freya is an evil little girl, what are her traits? Anyway she\’s horrible, but I can\’t wait to see her as a teenager >:) I\’m really, really happy that Dylan and Louise are finally married. Ive wanted it ever since we met her in the middle of nowhere. Sad about Puzzle… I l liked him! But the wedding was so sweet!
    You don’t know me but Ive been following your blog for a while. I only recently got my own blog. Would you have a look at it and add it to your blog roll? Please. Here’s the link:

    oh, and I’m really happy you’re back!

  9. Hello! So pleased to see you back!
    I’m going to start off by saying that I loved the ending with Puzzle. It was so sad, but so fitting. All Puzzle wanted was to be Dylan’s best friend forever, but it was lovely to see him realize that it was time for Dylan to move on 🙂
    Regarding matters with the twins, I completely understand how Freya feels! Her “nicer” sister overshadows her and the only way she knows how to react is through fibs and hurtful words. I hope she’ll grow out of it, as they are only eight. I just wish Louise could see through her lies.
    Lovely chapter, as always 🙂

  10. Aww, poor puzzle! That made me so sad, and my heart lurched for Ivy and Dylan in the cemetery 😦 I have a nasty feeling that IVy is going to pass next chapter; I really hate it when your characters pass on, so I can only imagine how you feel!
    Actually, speaking of characters, I was wondering what’s up with Tristan and his wife? We didn’t seem them after his wedding, right? I guess I just figured he would’ve wanted to be there for his nephew! I miss him, lol. And I’m guessing the band members died?? I feel so bad for them; they had all that mishap with awful Amelia and ended up dying alone 😦 😦
    Anyway, great emotional chapter! So glad they finally got together; I absolutely love Dylan and Louise’s story and your weddings are always phenomenal 🙂 The twins are the spitting image of their parents and can’t wait to see what happens with them! Poor Lily…

  11. Oh Puzzle! ;n; I loved him and I’m going to miss him and his mischief. I do hope you’ll make a side chapter about what happened to him after this. He was such a huge part of Dylan’s life for so long, it’d be sad to just have him disappear like that.

    Freya is such a little brat! I can’t believe Louise fell for her lie! Hopefully she’ll get better as she gets older. I’ve had some heirs/heiresses do some really awful stuff in their younger years and then do a complete turnaround and so have a few of yours in past legacies, so I’m interested to see where you take that.

    As always, a lovely chapter, my dear! Keep writing, I love your updates. The Rivers are as close to my heart as my own Sims!

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