26. End of an Era

‘You do not look old, Maria!’

‘Oh, please! You’re such a sweetie Ivy. I know you’re only trying to be kind, but let’s face the facts – I qualify for a subway pass, my face is heading south, and the other day on the bus a man stood up and offered me his seat! Can you imagine it, Ivy?! The shame!’ Miserably, Maria took a sip of her chai latte. Ivy stared at her in disbelief.

‘Maria… What on earth were you doing on a bus?!’

‘Oh hush you! Way to miss the bigger picture!’

Ivy grinned as her old friend sighed and tossed her curled hair back dramatically. Despite her years Maria was still taking great pride in her appearance; her greying roots were hidden by a red scarf and she was dressed stylishly yet suitably for her age. She still looked good, and she knew it!

‘Oh Ivy. Where did the years go, hey? Seems like only yesterday we were young and carefree, going to gigs in Sunset Valley and pulling rockstars!’

‘I think you’ll remember that I was the one who pulled the rockstar Maria, you just followed me to Bridgeport,’ Ivy teased. ‘And let’s be fair, we’ve not done too badly for ourselves! I’ve got Ethan and the kids, all the time I need to garden, and this place isn’t exactly a cesspit. You’ve got that gorgeous penthouse over the river, private hottub, own record company…’ After Maria had relocated to the city she’d set up her own record label with her inheritance from her father, bringing a couple of the bands she’d managed in the Valley with her. Her projects had gone from strength to strength until she was able to step back from managing altogether and live the life of luxury she’d always dreamt of!

‘True, true. Shame I never found that special someone though…’

‘Maria! You wouldn’t want to be tied down and you know it,’ Ivy gently chastised. ‘Besides, there’s still time! Leon’s over to watch the interview with us later, you could always spark that up again,’ she winked.

‘Please! Leon’s a sweetie, but it would never have worked out. Chalk and cheese, we were, plus the timing wasn’t great after the Amelia thing!’ Leon and Maria had dated for a couple of years following Ivy and Ethan’s wedding, but the relationship had fizzled out. No hard feelings, no grudges, just a lack of chemistry. ‘At this rate I’m thinking that moving into a retirement home would be a good idea, I quite like the idea of being waited on hand and foot, and I may meet Mr. Right in there!’ Both Maria and Ivy creased up into giggles before falling into a companiable silence.

‘Seriously though. I am happy with my life. I’ve got everything I’d ever wanted,’ Maria said contemplatively, nodding to herself. ‘I just wish my Dad was still here to see everything. And your parents.’

Ivy nodded in agreement, a smile creeping across her face. ‘I know. I wish I’d got the chance to meet your Dad properly, before he died. I’d only just found my parents then, hadn’t I?’

‘Yeah… I still can’t believe that happened, you know, the way it did! You took pity on a little boy who turned out to be your little brother!’

‘I know! Such a miracle,’ Ivy beamed. The memory of it still warmed her heart. About to say something else, Ivy was interrupted by bellowing laughter erupting from the living room. ‘Honestly, what are they like! How long until the interview starts?’

‘Half an hour or so,’ Maria said as she checked her phone. ‘We’ll leave them to it until we’re called!’


‘Oh gnomes, I can’t believe some of the stuff we wore for our first tour! Do you remember that one change you had, Leon, the slashed up shirt and jeans? You had more holes than material!’ Andy laughed as Leon rolled his eyes.

‘You can laugh all you want, but the ladies loved me in that get up! I seem to remember getting the loudest screams on just about every date on that tour,’ he preened before bursting into laughter with his friends. ‘Besides, you can’t talk! Do you not remember your phase of multi-coloured trousers, Andy? Or your lime green trainers, Ethan?’

‘Fair play, fair play! We’ve all had some shockers. Good times though, lads,’ Ethan beamed. ‘Wouldn’t change anything!’

‘Not even those off the shoulder t-shirts?’ Andy teased.

‘Or that time you decided to throw your guitar in the air and forgot to catch it?’ Leon snickered as Ethan shoved him.

‘You know what I mean! And no, I wouldn’t change those things as a matter of fact. Not one moment, good or bad. I’ve had the time of my life with my two best friends, why would I want to go back and do anything differently?’

‘Aw, mate. Deep!’ Andy’s face broke out into a huge grin, tears welling up in his eyes.

‘Oh do stop Ethan, you’ll make Andy cry! This is going to be hard enough to watch without having him bawling his eyes out,’ Leon said through a forced chuckle, trying to subtly wipe away his own tears without his friends seeing.

‘It’s not like it’s all over forever, Leon,’ Andy reasoned, decided to not comment on Leon’s tears. ‘It never will be.’

‘It’s a pretty huge landmark for El Tigre though. I never imagined us ever stopping recording,’ Ethan said sadly. ‘I never thought about it ending…’

‘But that’s just it! We haven’t stopped! We’re just taking an indefinite hiatus. We might go back, if the material’s right or for charity or something, we might even carry on touring after a few years, but we always said that we’d never release music just for the sake of it. Everything has to come to an end at some point, and we all agreed that now just… Well, it feels right.’ Leon looked from Ethan to Andy for confirmation of what he just said.

‘You’re right. I’m not disagreeing or anything, just saying… All those years ago when we first got signed up and started recording our first album, it just felt like we could go forever. You never like to think about anything ending!’ Ethan sighed. ‘This is the right decision, though. I’d rather go out in a blaze of glory than have all our fans get sick of us!’

Leon laughed. ‘I think I’d break out the costumes from El Tigre Hit The Jungle again before I let that happen!’

The three men burst out laughing as they pictured themselves prancing about in the costumes from long ago as the soap opera came to an end on the television. Wow, what an explosive marriage that turned out to be for Jeff and Alison! Find out who survives next Tuesday at seven thirty. Coming up next we’ve got the final ever interview with El Tigre as they close the door on their illustratious career, followed by a retrospective of their decades in the music industry. It’s the end of the El Tigre era, folks!

‘Ivy! Maria! Get through here, it’s on soon!’ Ethan called as Andy gave Leon a sideways glance.

‘Don’t comment please, Andy,’ Leon interrupted before Andy had even opened his mouth. ‘We’ve discussed this already. It’s not happening.’


‘Oh do be quiet Andy! Leon and I are in the past, and that’s where we’ll stay. We’re just friends. Hiya, Leon,’ Maria smiled as she settled down next to Andy. Ivy snuggled up to her husband as the talk show began.

‘Hello and welcome to Talky Sim, with me Elliot Brindle. Tonight my guests are Rosemary Byrd, here to talk about her new role in the big summer blockbuster Behind The Eyes, and El Tigre, who are with me for their final interview to explain their decision to leave the recording studio behind once and for all. Is this truly the end for our favourite rockers?’

As the actress came out for her interview, Andy went to get the audience some drinks and Leon and Maria began catching up. Ivy gently squeezed Ethan’s knee.

‘You okay?’

‘Me? I’m always okay.’

‘You know what I mean! I know how much El Tigre means to you. What with this ending and Dylan moving away all coming so close together…’

‘I’m fine, Ivy. Everything has to move on, everything has to end at some point. I can handle that! As long as Dylan’s okay, Robbie’s happy, my boys are here and I’ve still got you, I’m totally fine.’

‘Did you just call Andy and Leon boys? Ethan, I’ve got some bad news for you!’

‘Shut up, Ivy!’

22 thoughts on “26. End of an Era

  1. Oh no Puzzle really won’t leave Dylan alone!lol. Hopefully he won’t interfere too much! Great chapter, glad to see a bit of Maria again! I’ve missed you posting! Hope your keeping well and everything’s good 🙂 xx

    • Everything’s good thanks, just very busy at the mo! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the next chapter out sooner rather than later 🙂 Really pleased you enjoyed the chapter, and thanks for commenting! Hope you’re well too x

    • I like Fluffers too! He’s only one of the CAPcats but he’s really cute 🙂 Really glad you enjoyed the chapter, and you’ll have to wait and see what Puzzle does! 😉
      Thanks for reading!

  2. It’s so nice to catch up with the last Gen, ‘face to face’ and not through the eyes of the current Gen. And to catch up with their friends? Awesome! Fingers are crossed that we see Robyn again soon… I could have done without the surprise Puzzle appearance though. IF really can’t take a hint.

    Good for Dylan, being so dedicated to his work, but I sincerely hope that the rush doesn’t make him reckless. Stay safe until *other* old friends come back from Appaloosa Plains 😉

    Great chapter and wonderful to have you back!!

    • I realised that as I’d been focusing more on Dylan I hadn’t really rounded off the gen 2 ‘extras’, so I thought this would be a nice sort of ‘transition’ chapter to say goodbye to them, not that they won’t necessarily be popping up again! And of course Robyn will be back, probably in the next chapter 🙂 And who said anything about Louise coming back from AP? Hmm?? 😉

      Thanks for reading, as always, and I’m pleased you enjoyed the chapter, even if you weren’t pleased to see Puzzle back!

  3. Awww, Fluffers! ❤ ❤
    I'm glad that Dylan and his friend Will are progressing so well, and I love how focused Dylan is. I hope he keeps getting better. 🙂
    PUZZLE, JUST GO AWAY!! Then again, maybe he has some info on Lou…. hmmm…..
    Loved the chapter, great to see you back! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the chapter 🙂 You’ll have to wait and see whether Puzzle’s come back to be useful or annoying! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Great chapter Sian! Glad to see a new update 🙂 Loved the part with Maria!
    I’m glad that things are going well for Dylan. I hope Puzzle doesn’t ruin anything this time.
    I’m still not so silently hoping for Louise’s return and OMFG Puzzle really needs to go.

    • Haha, it’s taken me enough time to get it written! Yeah I quite like Maria as an elder too, having her back made me feel bad for leaving her aside for so long. Puzzle will go, eventually, in a fashion, though you’ll have to wait and see how!
      Thanks for reading 🙂 So pleased you enjoyed!

  5. Aww it was so nice to see Maria! She looks good as an elder:)
    I enjoyed this chapter, it was nice to see El Tigre, it’s a shame they had to come to an end!
    Wit woo! Alan the fireman is a hottie:) can’t wait to see more of him;) Dylan looks great as a fireman too an I’m so happy he’s doing well!
    Uh oh Puzzle’s back! I hope he doesn’t cause too much trouble for Dylan.
    Hope you’re well Sian xx

    • Maria’s a brilliant elder, loved that hair on her too 🙂 If I do say so myself, having given it to her! I thought it was for the best to round off El Tigre rather than just leave things open ended, I figured it showed the second gen lot aging and coming to an end themselves, if that makes sense. Didn’t enjoy doing it though!
      I’m okay thanks, plodding along and getting through all my busyness! Hope you’re good too 🙂 Thanks for reading! xx

  6. Yay, I’m so stinkin’ excited to see a new chapter! I love how you brought Maria and the guys from the band back together for a little reminiscing and closure. Very lovely.

    Dylan is doing so well in training. He’ll be a full-fledged hero before we know it, rescuing damsels in distress from the fiery flames of burning buildings and sweeping Louise off of her feet, hopefully. I refuse to give up on those two. 🙂

    And just when Dylan thought he was free from his old friend, Puzzle…

    Great job! Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

    • Hahah, I’m so pleased you’re so excited! Means a lot 🙂 Yeah, Dylan makes a pretty fine hero! How could Louise resist him, were she ever to return 😉
      Thanks for reading, and I’m really happy you enjoyed the chapter!!

  7. OMG I was waiting for an update and I finally got one yay!! =D can’t wait to read the next chapter =] If you’re not too busy would you mind checking out the intro for my new legacy? Hopefully I can be half as good a writer as you! x

  8. Yaaaaay! Puzzle! It seems I’m his number one fan, haha! The shot of him snuggling with the cat is just precious!

    My heart was racing when Dylan was putting out the fire at the hospital. I kept hoping that nothing bad would happen and that he’d get out of it okay. I was so happy when he not only got out without getting hurt, but also got praised by the fire chief! I was cheering for him! Man, does Clara ever have some serious muscles! o:

    I loved all the old people reminiscing about the glory days. I laughed out loud at seeing Maria all wrinkly (my professor gave me a very odd look. Woops!) and I must say I adore seeing all the family photos hung up all over the walls of the home. I’ve tried to get more involved in capturing family moments to display, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of the darn in-game camera controls.

    As always, your screenshots are just beautiful! Wonderful chapter!

    • Clara was buff as, quite liked her actually. May bring her back in the future!
      Hope you didn’t get into trouble with your professor, haha! I got to practise with picture-taking with the Emmetts with Rose and Hunter; I tend to cheat-up the photography skill on a random sim that I’ve moved into the house and get them to take some piccys. I gave up on legacy rules aaaaages ago, haha!

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