24. It’s Prom Night (and I’m on the swings with my imaginary friend…)

The prom was already in full swing by the time the limousine pulled up outside the venue. The school had splashed out on a small dance club only a few streets away from the school itself, complete with a proper dancefloor, fx machines, club lights, and a bar serving virgin cocktails. After having their official prom pictures taken, two of the couples, one of the boys and one of Melody and Louise, Melody ushered the four lingerers into the main room. ‘Come on, you lot! I want to get dancing!’

Grabbing Dylan by the hand, Melody pulled him onto the dancefloor. Charlie bopped off after them, happy to dance on his own in the crowd. Rory turned to Louise.

‘May I have this dance, Louise?’

Louise nodded, giggling a little. ‘Lead the way!’ She tried not to look at Dylan, who was trying to awkwardly keep up with Melody’s provocative dancing, as she and Rory passed them, feeling a pang of regret in her chest. If only.

Already feeling out of his depth as Melody shimmied around him, Dylan spotted something else on the dancefloor to make him feel tense. Dancing away jerkily less than four feet away was Puzzle, the light on top of his antennae bumbling about all over place.

‘Dylan! Hi! Look, the nice Louise is dancing with your best friend!’ Puzzle shouted over as he danced around Rory and Louise, turning cartwheels. Dylan rolled his eyes and tried to concentrate on Melody.

‘Dylan! Dylan! Look! Louise and Rory! And what have you got?’

Completely blanking Puzzle, Dylan put his full energy into dancing with his date. Puzzle eventually seemed to give up goading his friend and made do with dancing around the dancefloor, laughing away to himself, all the while keeping a close eye on Dylan. After what had felt like an eternity of dancing, Dylan breathed a breathless sigh of relief as Melody pulled him off to one side after a couple of hours.

‘Wicked party, huh?’

‘Yeah, amazing!’ Dylan said, trying to regain his composure. ‘Great DJ! Shall I go and get us some drinks?’

‘I’ve got a better idea!’ Melody smiled wickedly. ‘In my bag I’ve got a bottle of wine, shall we share it? Let’s get pissed!’

‘Melody! When did you sneak that in?!’

‘I brought it with me from home! Come on, let’s go and get it!’

Dylan paused, and reached out to stop Melody from rushing away into the cloakroom after the illicit alcohol. ‘No, Melody. I don’t want any.’

‘What? What do you mean?’

‘I just… I’m not in the mood, really,’ Dylan shrugged. ‘Besides, we’ll obviously get caught. I’ve seen you drunk before, you can’t hide it! We’ll get done!’

‘So? Come on Dylan, it’s just a bit of fun!’

Shaking his head, Dylan swept a hand through his hair. ‘No, I really don’t want to. What’s the point? We’re having a good night without it. Look, if you want to go and have some, that’s fine. I’ll go dance with Charlie and Rory.’

Melody studied Dylan for a second or two, an ugly look passing briefly across her face. ‘Fine. I’ll catch up with you later,’ she said coolly as she sauntered off. Dylan watched her leave before running off to find his friends.

‘Dylan, mate! Where’s your date?’ Rory hollered over the heavy bassline, the two boys beaming as their friend joined them.

‘Could ask you the same question! Where’s Lou?’

‘With her friends!’ Rory gestured across the dancefloor to where Louise was dancing away with a small group of girls Dylan recognised from their psychology class.

‘Ah, right! How’s it going with her, anyway? You two having a good night?’ Dylan was suddenly very aware of a light bobbing over his shoulder.

‘Why Dylan ask that, hmmm?’

‘Not too bad, Dylan. Don’t think anything’s going to come of it. Louise is a lovely girl, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t have a spark or anything. No chemistry.’

Dylan’s heart leapt. ‘Sorry mate! Better luck next time, hey!’

‘Nothing to worry about! Just one of those things. Besides, now I can keep Charlie-boy-singleton company while you go off with Mels! Where is she, anyway?’


Grumpily, Melody swayed through the crowded dancefloor over to where the highbacked sofas were and sat herself down, trying her best to look sober as she passed a beady-eyed teacher. The vino was starting to kick in, and she smiled as she sunk back into the cushy seat. Stupid Dylan, she thought moodily. Who doesn’t want wine?

She sat alone for a while watching the dancing figures on the dancefloor, grinning drunkenly through the wine induced haze. Vaguely aware of a white-shirted boy sitting down next to her, she didn’t pay him much attention until he spoke to her.

‘So, where’d you get the booze from and where could I find some?’

‘Brad. For you, there is no wine. No wine ever.’ Melody slurred her words, trying her best to look sophisticated in front of the captain of the football team.

‘Ah, don’t be like that Mels! Share it out!’

‘No! S’all gone anyway. All the wine for Melody!’

‘A whole bottle? You’ve not changed! Still, I guess you need it considering who you’re with. Dylan Rivers? Are you kidding? Let me guess, you’re just trying to pull his rockstar father ain’tcha!’

Melody gave Brad a sideways look. ‘Shut. Up.’

‘Why are you with him, Mels? You know I want you babe.’

‘You didn’t want me so much when you were copping off with Mercedes,’ Melody pouted, brushing her fringe out of her face. ‘Why should that have changed since then?’

‘Oh, come on babe! You know that didn’t mean anything! I was blasted off my face, I wasn’t thinking straight! Why would I want her when could’ve had you?’

‘Hmph.’ Preening a little, Melody basked in Brad’s attention. ‘That still doesn’t make things okay.’

‘I know babe. I am sorry. If I could turn back the clock…’

‘Oh, Brad.’ Melody stood up and staggered a little; Brad leapt up and gave her a steadying arm.

‘Careful, Mels! You don’t want the teachers to see you in this state!’ Making sure she was safely on her feet, Brad ran his hand gently down Melody’s arm and took her hand, caressing it gently. ‘What are you like, hey?’ he smiled affectionately.

‘You know I want you, babe,’ he whispered. ‘Why are you being like this?’

‘I… I don’t know…’ Melody’s brow creased as she tried to straighten her jumbled, inebriated thoughts.

‘I know you still love me, babe. It’s so obvious.’

‘I… I…’


Running as fast as his jerky legs could take him, Puzzle sped around the venue looking for Dylan. He was right. He knew he was right. Melody was hurting Dylan. He could not let that happen. Well, not without Puzzle being there to pick up the pieces… He had to tell his friend before somebody else did!

Turning a corner, Puzzle found Dylan piling his plate high at the buffet table. Sprinting up, Puzzle came to a breathless halt next to him.

‘Dylan! Puzzle has news!’

Resolutely ignoring the bizarre creature, Dylan concentrated very hard on what was on his plate.

‘Dylan! Melody is hurting you!’

‘Think I’ll get some salad…’


‘Sod off! For gnomes sake, I cannot have one night away from you, can I!’

‘But Dylan! Melody is kissing another boy!’

‘I highly doubt that,’ Dylan muttered out of the corner of his mouth, trying not to look like he was talking to thin air. ‘She’s here with me, remember? You just don’t like her!’

‘But she is, Dylan! She is! She is kissing a blonde boy!’

‘Will you pack it in with this vendetta you’ve got with Melody, please! You’re making it up! You just don’t like her.’

‘Neither does Dylan. Dylan much prefers Louise.’

‘Oh, be quiet.’ Dylan said scornfully, trying not to pay any attention to his heart fluttering. ‘Melody’s the most popular girl in the school.’

‘That doesn’t mean she’s nice. And she is not nice, Dylan! She is kissing another boy!’

‘Yeah, right.’

‘Go look for yourself. She is where the seats are.’ Puzzle stared at Dylan intently with his beady eyes, challenging him. Dylan glared back at him.

‘Oh, fine! Fine! Let’s go! I’ll prove you wrong, you freak!’ Forgetting any attempt to look like he wasn’t talking to himself Dylan flung down his plate and marched off. I’ll show him, he thought angrily. I’ll show him Melody’s not…

Dylan’s thoughts trailed off as he turned the corner and came face to face with Melody locked in an embrace. With him. With Brad.

‘…Melody! What… What are you…’

‘Looks like that’s my cue to leave, babe. Come find me when you’re finished with him.’ Cockily planting another kiss on Melody’s lips, Brad strode past Dylan without so much as throwing a glance in his direction. Dylan didn’t notice. He was too busy staring open mouthed at Melody.

‘Dylan! Where’ve you been?’ Melody asked brightly, staggering over to her date and throwing her arms around him. Dylan unhooked her arms from behind her neck and pushed her away.

‘Don’t do that! What the hell’s going on?!’

‘Oh, piss off Dylan!’

‘Don’t you tell me to piss off! You’re the one who was kissing someone else!’

‘Yeah well, can you blame me?! Why would I want to be with you when I could have Brad? You’re nothing, Dylan Rivers, and I’m everything! Sod off! This is over! Just count yourself lucky I decided to use you as my distraction after Brad cheated on me! Brad! Brad!! Wait up!’ Throwing one last vicious look in Dylan’s direction, Melody ran off after the waiting Brad and walked off. Watching them leave, Dylan realised they’d walked straight through the middle of the dancefloor, where a good portion of the dancers were no longer dancing, instead watching the entertainment.

They’d all seen. They’d all witnessed him being dumped. By Melody.

His face crumpling, Dylan walked over and sat down heavily on the sofa Melody had occupied just moments before. Frowning, he tried to compose his thoughts, going over what had just happened.

He was embarrassed, sure. Who wouldn’t be? He’d just been called nothing in front of, what, a third of his school year, they’d all just watched him get spectacularly dumped by a trashed girl wearing a tiny dress and sky high heels. Not his finest hour.

But oddly… He wasn’t upset. Not about actually being dumped, not about no longer being with Melody… It was as if he didn’t care. But he had really, really liked Melody…

…Hadn’t he?

As Dylan tried to make sense of his conflicting emotions he was joined on the sofas by Charlie and Rory, who sat either side of him a little awkwardly. ‘You okay mate?’ Rory asked, a little unsure of how to tactfully approach the situation.

‘Yeah, I’m alright. Best prom ever, right lads?’ Dylan laughed.

Relieved that Dylan wasn’t going to burst into tears on them, Charlie and Rory burst out laughing too. ‘You’ll certainly never forget it, mate!’ Charlie chuckled. ‘Gnomes, how much did she have to drink?’

‘She had a bottle of wine with her, think she must’ve downed it all by the looks of her.’ Dylan shrugged.

‘She doesn’t know what she’s doing, Dyl. You’re much nicer than that idiot Brad. A far better catch.’

‘Thanks, Rory,’ Dylan said, smiling at Rory. ‘Are you sure you’ve not had some of that wine too?’

‘Nah mate, everyone thinks so. That’s what’s going round the dancefloor at the moment. That’s the funny thing about popularity, seems you’re only popular when everyone despises you! Everyone thinks she’s been a tool. Even Louise is giving her a piece of her mind.’

‘She’s what?’ Dylan perked up in spite of himself.

‘You heard! Once she realised what had happened she stormed outside after Melody and Brad and started arguing with her, told her she had no right to treat people like she does and that she’d regret everything she’d done tonight once she sobered up. Think she’s got a point, to be fair.’ Rory paused as he took a sip from his bottle of cola. ‘I don’t know what’s happened to Lou, she used to be all shy and introverted and stuff. Since she came back off holiday with that new hairdo she’s been all bubbly and confident.’

‘Yeah…’ Dylan said thoughtfully, gazing off into the distance before coming to a decision. ‘Right lads, thank you so much for your kind words, sympathy and reassurances, but I think I’m going to pop outside for a bit. Get some air.’

As Charlie and Rory chorused their ‘see you later’s and went off to find something to eat, Dylan made his way through the dancing masses and out through the front door.

44 thoughts on “24. It’s Prom Night (and I’m on the swings with my imaginary friend…)

  1. First comment! YAY! I absolutely loved this chapter! I just cannot believe all that happened. I mean, we have been waiting for him to see to light this whole time, and he finally does, and then she rejects him? I dont blame her one bit, the timing was off. I wouldnt want to be sloppy seconds either. its sad though, because they really do belong together! Excellent post!

    • Thanks, I’m pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂 Yeah Dylan did realise what he should’ve known all along a bit too late! You never know what’ll happen though 🙂

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting! Looking forward to the next chapter of the Millers 🙂

      • Im looking forward to the next chapter of the millers too! haha. I feel like the picture taking is taking forever! I am trying to get to a certain milestone, and then the game reset Madisons age, and now she doesnt graduate for another 12 days in game…. Her and Michael are not the same age anymore and I have to replay it all over again.
        It was really weird!

      • That is so annoying! Did you have her use the Stylist station thing (in the salon) or go back into CAS using the game cheat? That’s what usually does it. I always just use Master Controller to redo their ages if that happens, haha!

  2. I have such mixed emotions about this chapter… it was just so sad!
    Melody looked pretty, eventhough she was dressed like a slut, even if her beahvior was not pretty at all! Seriously! Wine!? MELODY! And Brad! Ugh! Ew! I can almost tell she’s going to be running back to Dylan once she sobers up… cause Brad is obviously gonna cheat on her again! Louise… i really didn’t like her this chapter… she played poor Dylan! I mean, yay you respect yourself, but c’mon! You were leading him on and then reject him… AND tell him its too late!? Its never too late! >:P grrrrrrrrrr…. But I did like Puzzle… eventhough his obssession with playing with Dylan has gotten realllly old, he really does have only Dylan’s best interests in mind, which is really good! 🙂
    And Dyla has nice friends who will pick him iup, so that’s nice too!
    Great chapter 🙂

    • Hmm, I disagree that Louise was leading Dylan on! It wasn’t my intention to make it seem like that, so I’m sorry if it did come across like that! It was more a case of Louise making an ‘executive decision’ so to speak – even though she would really (really) love to be with Dylan, she feels that ultimately it won’t actually make her happy, It all came a bit too late for her! There is such a thing in the Rivers’ world 😉

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

      • Humph! I still think she shouldn’t have found it late, but I get why she rejected him. Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

  3. Such a great chapter! I’m glad Dylan is finally thinking clearly. It’s too bad that Lou thinks it’s too late. 😦 I’m sure it’ll all work out for both of them in the end… together or not, I know they’ll be happy somehow. Also, I love what Puzzle told Dylan about the fireworks. Great way to describe her! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter 😀

  4. I did use create a sim, but I didnt realize that is what did it! What is the master controller? I know its Twallan but what does it do? I am a bit reluctant to download it because isnt that a big mod?

    • It is quite big, but it’s seriously amazing – I couldn’t play without it any more! It does so much. It lets you go into the stylist mode or CAS without messing up your sims’ ages, you can change the age, change traits, LTWs, moodlets, not just for sims in your family but *all* sims in town. I definitely recommend it 🙂 It seems quite intimidating at first but it’s so easy to pick up (if you’re worried but curious I’d recommend backing up your save files then starting a new game just to try out all the features, not that it will mess up your game but more for piece of mind!). It’s amazing 🙂

      • I think I am going to try that! Do you know know anything about his overwatch mod? I have heard good things about that too! And are these things compatible with Pets?

      • Yes, Overwatch is ESSENTIAL! You don’t have to do anything with it in-game as it just runs itself in the background, but it clears up the game and helps with lag. Twallan’s mods are all updated really quickly after patches and expansions, so they’re all up to date atm. You just need to keep an eye on his site after game updates for when he updates his mods 🙂

  5. Wow!! What a chapter!
    I’m glad Melody has shown her true colours in front of Dylan! Poor Dylan though, so embarrassing for the poor lad!
    I can’t believe Lou is leaving:( I hope Dylan sweeps her off her feet! They can’t lose any more time, they need to be together:)
    Puzzle isn’t quite as creepy now you know he’s looking out for Dylan!
    Brilliant chapter:D

    • Aw, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! Yes, Louise is going back to Appaloosa Plains. She may be back in the future, I haven’t made up my mind yet! 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!!

    • Yes I am, haha! Was struggling to think of random names so I just put theirs down 🙂 Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the chapter! x

      • I enjoy all the chapters, you are a great writer, I keep wanting to write a legacy, but i get bored of my sims and struggle for ideas haha x

      • Haha! If you get stuck for ideas, perhaps go for a Wishacy instead of a legacy? You just have to grant every. single. wish your Sims throw at you, it’ll keep you on your toes and all you have to do is log down what crazy stuff they decide they want to do! 😉 Pleased you’re enjoying the Rivers!

  6. Aww it’s such a shame that things don’t seem like they will work out for Dylan and Lou. It’s not surprising that Melody was playing him and it did give him something to contrast his feelings for Lou against, in the end, but Lou came back from her vacation stronger and more aware of herself and she has to be true to that… Even if it makes Dylan sad.

    Puzzle still creeps me out though, despite clearly having the best of intentions when it comes to Dylan, he still seems to be a “Puzzle first” kind of puzzle and that’s disconcerting.

    • Yeah, things aren’t going so well for Dylan at the moment, but you never know what the future will hold! Glad you understand where Louise was coming from with her decision to turn Dylan down 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!! 🙂

  7. Sorry to keep bothering you! I downloaded twallans mods (yay!) and I was trying to kick Madds age up a bit, but couldnt figure out how to do it… I saw where I could trigger her age but I dont want her to be an adult, just a touch older… is that possible?

    • Yes! If you click on Madds, select Nraas, then Master Controller, then intermediate, then age, then you can set it there 🙂

  8. Ahh such a great chapter! So want Louise and Dylan to be together but I understand her decision 🙂 when Louise moves back will you be doing more chapters from her point of view? I absolutely loved the picture of Louise and Dylan, the one where we can see Louise’s face and Dylan’s back with the stars in the background, very pretty! 🙂 xx

    • No there won’t be any more chapters from Louise’s POV, but those chapters may be referred to again in the future 🙂 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter! I quite like that picture of Louise too, with the lights shining in her eyes! Literally lit up 🙂
      Thanks for reading! x

  9. Rejection??? (inhales) NOOOOOOO!!! Why Louise, why? heh. I guess I can understand her thought process. And I was wrong! I’m not eating my words about Puzzle, he’s alright. Was it just me, or did Melody look a little plain in her prom dress. Well thats just my personal opinion. Can’t wait to see how Dylan copes.

    Ps. Chapter 2 (finally) is up! Czech (check, duh!) it out?

  10. Oh man, what a whirlwind of emotions! At first, I was angry with Melody for being such a !@#$%. Then I was so happy that it looked like Lou and Dylan were going to be together. Then I was heartbroken to find out that she’s leaving Bridgeport. 😦

    Oh and that shot of Puzzle dancing with everyone on the dance floor made me giggle. Too cute! I know I’m in the minority of people who like Puzzle, but I feel so sorry for him. Sure, he’s being kind of selfish for wanting Dylan to himself, but he’s an imaginary friend with a child’s mentality. He’s lonely and just wants his best friend back, like any child would want.

    Wonderful chapter, as always! You’ve inspired me to start working harder to get good screenshots and make my own sets and NPCs, though I’m finding it hard to do all the plot stuff I want with my Sims because their motives drop too low to do much. Do you use maxmotives to put them in good moods for your scenes?

    • Aww, thank you, it’s nice to know I’ve inspired someone! 🙂 I occasionally use maxmotives on sims who I’m not controlling, if it looks like they’re going to fall asleep or something, but for sims in the family I just try and get all the motive-based LTRs as soon as possible! Makes things a lot easier. Can’t wait to see all the new characters coming up in the Waverunner Legacy!

      Thanks for reading, it means a lot 🙂

  11. Lou will somehow be an important part in Dylan’s life, I’m sure. And Melody…I hope Brad dumps her almost immediately and that she loses her popularity and ends up by herself. Although it sounds a bit harsh, she deserves to feel what she’s made others feel.

    Puzzle…I really want Dylan to turn him real. I made me smile when in the end, Puzzle wanted to play with him and how he was really sincerely trying to cheer Dylan up and hey, Dylan smiled and actually let Puzzle in! I’m hoping Puzzle is a girl, because Puzzle would be a good match for Dylan(:

    I also liked how even though Ethan never had these types of problems he still understood Dylan. You can tell Dylan is headed for a better place in his life(:

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean about Melody! She’ll get some comeuppance, mark my words 😉
      Puzzle’s a boy, I’m afraid! No IF/Sim relationships here. The Puzzle storyline will have a good (I hope!) ending though!

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting 🙂

  12. Oh wow…. Melody finally showed her true colors to Dylan! But of course Lou has to leave right when Dylan comes to his senses!! But good for Louise for realizing that she doesn’t just have to take people’s junk. You go girl!
    But, please somehow get them back together!
    Anyway, I really loved this chapter, especially Ethan’s talk with Dylan at the end. Hopefully Dylan will cheer up… somehow. :/

    • Thank you, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂 I’m sure Dylan will cheer up, he’ll be graduating soon so he’s got the grown up world of the Sims to look forward to!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Okay actually! A lot to learn and take in, my induction pack is ENORMOUS. My shifts have all been in the evening though which is when I usually sim, still trying to get my simming-clock to let me play in the mornings! Thank you for asking 🙂

      • I understand, with school being done this year, and having the holiday breaks and such I was on sim overload! I have been playing every night! haha! I am so happy you are getting the swing of things at work! I wish they hadnt messed with your sim clock though! 🙂

      • Me too! Glad to hear you’re playing lots though, I’m excited for new chapters of the Miller Diaries 🙂

  13. Aahhh! Melody is sickening! I can’t wait for her to get a taste of her own medicine, but at least this allowed Dylan to see her for the mistake she is…and recognize his feelings for Louise. It’s just horrible timing, though.

    I’m so proud Louise finally found her backbone. I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of her future with Dylan — because they really belong together, they do. I hope Dylan runs to AP and sweeps Lou off of her feet. So romantic!

    And I hate to admit it, because Puzzle was REALLY creepy in the beginning, but I’m kinda glad he was there to look out for Dylan at prom…even if it’s for selfish reasons. Who knew Puzzle could be deep? Haha.

    Wonderful chapter! 🙂

    BTW, Chapter 6 is up! I’m so sorry it took me forty forevers to get it together, but I hope you enjoy it.

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