22. Why, Dylan? Why?

‘Dylan! Mate, it’s so good to see you! Half expected you to turn up in a military uniform and salute!’ Rory Anderson, one of Dylan’s old school friends, embraced his friend in a manly hug as they were reunited. Before Dylan had been sent away Rory had been one of his best friends, along with the on-holiday Charlie – the three boys had been thick as thieves, and Dylan couldn’t wait to get back to school with them!

‘So good to be back, mate! You should see my salute, it’s brilliant,’ Dylan joked. ‘And what’s with this hat?!’ He reached out and pulled Rory’s beanie hat down over his eyes.

‘It’s new!’ Rory indignantly pulled it back up again, carefully rearranging his hair underneath it. ‘Just because it’s not a beret!’


‘Don’t you wear berets in the army?’

‘Oh, shut up!’ Dylan grinned at Rory, and the two started laughing.

‘Seriously though, how was it? Fort Starch?’

‘Oh, you know. Not too bad. Ridiculously strict, but then most of the teachers were retired from the army. Loads of phys ed, which was pretty cool! Beat sitting inside a dingy classroom, anyway. We, er, we had our own pool, and a running track…’

‘Dylan! Hi! I’ve come out!’

‘….Yeah, and it was okay. Most of the older kids were heading straight for the army once they’d graduated so they were quite serious, but I met some nice guys. Can’t wait to get back to normal school, though!’

Dylan tried to force a smile onto his face, doing his best to ignore the chirping in his ear. This wasn’t happening. It wasn’t here. It couldn’t be…

‘Well, it’s great having you back again! Once Charlie’s back from holiday it’ll be just like it used to be!’ Rory beamed, before ushering Dylan over to the foosball table. ‘Let’s see if Fort Starch has improved your foosing!’

‘Oho it so has! You’re going to be in tears once I…’ Dylan’s mock taunting trailed off as two people he recognised strolled into Arcadia. He recognised those girls…

‘Rory! Is that Melody Tanner?’ Dylan hissed as Rory rooted through his wallet for some change. He glanced over his shoulder, and his face lit up.

‘Yep! Hey, didn’t you used to have a bit of a crush on her?’ Rory teased, laughing as Dylan’s face coloured up.

‘No! I was just wondering, that’s all!’

‘Well then, go say hi!’

Determined not to be the first to back down, Dylan marched over to where Melody was stood giggling with her friend, Louise. As he approached her he almost lost his nerve, her big blue eyes and flowing ginger hair making him tongue tied. Oh gnomes, he really did have a crush on her. Why couldn’t it have gone away whilst he’d been at Fort Starch?!

‘Well well, look who it is Lou! Dylan Rivers, back from brat camp!’ Melody grinned at Dylan, looking him up and down. ‘What are you doing back around here, sergant?’

‘I, er, I’m back now. I’ll be starting back at Bridgeport High in September. Just came over to say hi! Are you still there?’ Dylan stammered.

‘Sure am! You’ll have to be careful not to salute at everyone,’ Melody laughed, a little unkindly. ‘Come on Louise, I want to play Freezer Bunny. I think that’s upstairs.’ With that, she marched past Dylan with her head held high. He wasn’t entirely sure how to react.

Louise hung back a little, smiling softly at Dylan.

‘It’s great to have you back, Dylan. Maybe we’ll have a class together,’ she said shyly before running off after Melody. Dylan turned back to Rory, who was stood at the foosball table smirking.

‘Melody was pleased to see you, I see!’ he chuckled.

‘Oh, shut up! It’s not like we were ever really good friends or anything!’ Dylan kicked the leg of the foosball table moodily, his pride a little injured.

‘Ah, don’t worry about it. She’s not worth it, Dylan!’

‘I know, I know. She’s pretty fit though!’

‘Too right, mate!’ The two boys fell into immature giggles, punching each other on the arm.

‘Anyway, I’m going to get some gum. Do you want to get this set up? Just be a minute.’ Dylan left Rory to sort out the foosball table and walked over to the two gumball machines stood in the corner. Counting out his change, he slotted the right amount into the machine and turned the handle. As he crouched down to pick up his gum, he felt that odd presence watching him again.

‘Dylan, why you no talk?’

Dylan sighed and rolled his eyes, popping his gumball into his mouth before putting his change back into his wallet.

‘Why, Dylan? Why?’

‘Leave me alone,’ Dylan muttered, trying not to look like he was talking to thin air.

‘Why, Dylan! Why you ignore Puzzle!’

‘Because you don’t exist! You can’t exist! You’re just my imagination going crazy! Nothing else! Leave me alone!’

Puzzle’s face fell into sadness, before turning into anger. ‘Puzzle real.’


‘Yes. Puzzle real. Puzzle show Dylan.’ Puzzle’s expression grew stony, his eyes like steel.

‘Oh, whatever…’ Dylan turned his back on Puzzle, waving over to where Rory was waiting for him. A sudden clunk of metal behind him made him jump, and he turned to see millions of multicoloured gumballs scattering out of the broken machine and onto the floor. Bewildered, he looked around for Puzzle. He was standing on the other side of the room with a sly smile on his face. Staring at Puzzle in disbelief, Dylan hardly noticed the security guard walking over to him.

‘You! Out!’


‘Yes, you!’

‘What’ve I done?!’

The security guard poked Dylan roughly in the chest. ‘Don’t take me for a fool, lad! That machine’s been kicked and clearly broken, and you’re the only one stood in it’s vicinity!’

‘But it wasn’t me!’

‘Who was it then, your imaginary friend?’ The guard sneered at the speechless Dylan. ‘Get out, lad!’

‘…Right! Fine! I’m going!’ Dylan waved at Rory and told him not to leave with him before stalking moodily out of Arcadia, making his way over to the underground station.

‘Dylan! Wait!’ Dylan turned hoping to see Melody running after him, but was instead faced with a slightly breathless Louise. ‘Oh. Hi, Lou.’

‘What happened? Why did they kick you out?!’

‘Ugh, one of the gumball machines broke and they blamed me, with no proof at all! So out of order!’

‘That’s so unfair, Dylan! You should complain! I’ll help you, if you want, say I saw it just break or something?’

‘No it’s fine. I can’t be bothered anyway. This place is rubbish,’ Dylan lied crossly. ‘I’m just going to go home.’

‘Okay. Well it was really good seeing you again Dylan!’ Louise nodded enthusiastically. ‘I’ll see you at school, yeah?’

‘Yeah whatever. Oh, Lou? Would you… Would you say bye to Melody for me, please?’

‘Um… sure!’ Louise tried to keep the bright expression on her face as she turned to go back into the arcade. Dylan went to go into the underground and was stopped in his tracks as he came face to face with Puzzle.

‘See. Puzzle real.’

‘No. Puzzle not real.’

‘Puzzle real! Puzzle Dylan’s friend!’ Puzzle protested, sparkling tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

‘Whatever you are, you are not my friend! You just got me thrown out of Arcadia!’

‘Puzzle heard Dylan say he no like Arcadia.’

‘Oh, shut up!’

*       *       *

‘Happy birthday, Tristan!’

‘Oh Katya, you shouldn’t have!’ Tristan squeezed his girlfriend’s hand as he smiled down at the cake the waiter had just brought out, handmade by Katya herself, completely touched. Katya smiled and produced some matches from her bag, lighting the candles.

Singing a solo chorus of Happy Birthday, Katya whooped and cheered as Tristan blew out his candles. ‘I feel older already!’

‘Well, you don’t look it! Here, pop your jacket on and I’ll cut the cake,’ Katya grinned, handing Tristan his suit jacket as she took a knife from the waiting waiter and carefully sliced two pieces of cake. Tristan watched as she popped them onto two smaller plates, before taking them from her and putting them on the table. He turned back to her and took her hand.

‘Katya… These past few months have been incredible. Absolutely incredible. And now all this… This has been the best birthday ever. I just… Well, I want to say… Katya, I… I love you…’

‘I love you too, Tristan!’

Note – I’m fully aware that Tristan isn’t wearing the same formal outfit in the two final pictures. When he aged up his formal outfit changed, and I popped him back into the wrong one. Sorry!

38 thoughts on “22. Why, Dylan? Why?

  1. Never would have noticed had you not mentioned it! Guess we as simmers tend to be overly critical of our screenshots!

    Sorry I’ve not been commenting as of late, every time I’ve gotten the e-mail I’ve been on my phone! Anyway, I’m glad to see Dylan back, though I feel terrible for him. He should ask Ivy to get rid of the doll, since she said she was perfectly willing! And also Katya… so beautiful! I love her comment about his drink… guess he’s the cherry casanova now!

    Hope to be back with the pet’s patch, with either story. Also, good luck with getting yours! This is one opportunity where being in America is such an advantage! Wish I could send you yours!

    • Hahaha, I was so annoyed when I noticed! I nearly didn’t include it but I thought it was quite sweet, so I went with it anyway. Daft glitch!

      Don’t worry about not commenting, it’s fine! I’m really looking forward to your next updates 🙂 Will be keeping an eagle eye out for them! Hope you enjoy Pets too. I’m hoping to get mine very soon! 😀 Stupid UK releasing games way after everywhere else! Even Australia gets it before we do!

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting 🙂

  2. So GOOOODDD! I am happy you updated! Wasnt expecting anything new until after Halloween! 🙂
    I feel so bad for Puzzle now, he is so sad. When you said sparkly tears I was like oh no! Excellent!

    • Haha, no, I’m updating until I get Pets (hopefully this week, eeee!) then taking a bit of time off to get to grips with that, and maybe introduce animals to the Rivers 🙂

      Aw, but Puzzle is so creepy! He got Dylan into trouble again! Haha, I think it’s great that you feel sorry for him though, different views of the same thing 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, and for your comment!

  3. Oh dear. I don’t think Puzzle is going to leave Dylan alone… What an evil thing!
    Awwww Dylan’s got a little crush… hehehehe… though its obvious that Louise has got something for him. I can’t wait to see what Puzzle does next! Poor, poor Dylan!

    Oh, and just wondering… did Robyn get one of those dolls too?

    • I can’t remember if Robyn did or not, but any future dolls I’m just going to delete. I’d already planned out an IF storyline to do with the first sim who got a doll, and that sim was Dylan, so no more IF dolls! Good thing too, they’re so creepy!

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting! Really appreciate it 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m glad Katya came along for Tristan. I hope he manages to have a kid before he gets too old. Fingers crossed!

      Thanks for reading, and commenting! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the chapter 🙂

  4. Hehehe, loving thisss :D. Puzzle reminds me of the Color Uglacy (on The Sims 3 website, thats what its called, I can’t really describe any more), and the creepy imaginary friend would always sing Taylor Swift and was in love with their friend… So. Creepy! XD. Anyways, what I was trying to say is that I LOVE it! And I can SO imagine Ivy and Ethan as the old couple with a bunch of cats (Hint-hint)! 🙂

  5. Yay!!! Update! Grr… at Puzzle! He makes me mad, It reminds me of all those movies I’ve seen where no matter what the main character says to someone who annoys them, that they don’t get it! (Like thew movie obsessed). I wonder what Dylan will do with him.

    Its pretty obvious that Louise likes Dylan, and shes pretty! Melody is really rude! I hope Dylan realizes soon enough.

      • It’s so annoying, but it’s always the way. Everywhere else is playing Sims and everyone in the UK is sat crying and twiddling their thumbs. Ah well. At least it gives the modders time to update their mods! 😉
        Thanks for reading! Pleased you enjoyed 🙂

      • Nah, it was Doctor Who. Melody and Rory :p I don’t watch Hollyoaks, good guess though!

      • Hey, I was wondering how you are enjoying pets, and if its as great as everyone says. I haven’t been able to play cuz for some reason the sims 3 is being dumb on my pc, hoping to get it fixed tomorrow. Also, I was wondering how you got the welcome message to come first, and then previews of each chapter on the same page.

      • I’m lurving Pets! 😀 Properly loving it. Have nearly finished collecting the screenshots for a little one off story (thinking it’ll be four shortish parts) that I’ll be starting tomorrow, I hope, set in AP. Best expansion ever!

        For the welcome message, it’s a sticky post – when you’re writing a post, on the right hand side in the publishing options column there’s one called Visibility. Click on edit, and there will be an option to stick the post to the front page. All your subsequent posts will be posted beneath it 🙂

  6. I love Tristan and Katya! They’re so beautiful!:)
    And Louise is so pretty I hope Dylan realises she’s the one for him instead of Melody!
    Puzzle is horrible, he has to go soon!

    Great Chapter:)

    • Haha, thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it 🙂 Yeah Katya’s gorgeous isn’t she? So beaut for a townie! Love her 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and commenting! I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. So glad to see Dylan back at home. And Puzzle, well, he gives me the heebie-jeebies — but I can’t help but feel a little sad for him. Without Dylan, Puzzle has no purpose in life…except to cause trouble. I can’t wait to see this play out.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Katya yet. I had an Amelia flashback when I saw her. She’s a budding actress, you know. What if she knows exactly who Tristan is, or who his family is, and sought him out to get her name in the papers? What if she’s going to use him/his family just to further her career? I’d hate for Tristan to get caught in the of all THAT drama.

    I think I’m just being too paranoid. Haha.

    • Hahaha, I love how deeply you looked into the chapter, love it! 🙂 You’ll just have to wait and see! I’ll give you one hint – of the two storylines you mentioned, one is going to go horribly and the other amazingly. See if you can guess which is which! 😉
      Thanks so much for reading, and for your comment 😀 x

  8. Puzzle is going to send me into therapy, I jump every time I see him in a picture! He’s so… eerie. *shudder* I’m glad Dylan’s back, and that he’s laying down the law with Puzzle. I sure hope he gives Lou a chance, and gets over that stupid Melody. And as for Tristan and Katya, all I have to say is awwwwww! 😀
    Really great chapter!

    • Hahaha! Yeah, Puzzle’s a creep. I’m actually really looking forward to this storyline ending (not that it will for a few chapters yet) so I can be rid of the menace!

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Will catch up properly with the Woods very soon, I have been reading but haven’t had time to comment! So sorry xx

    • Haha, yeah, Dylan definitely takes after his Dad! Had a bit of a sneak peak in CAS 😉 Has his mother’s eyes though. Harry Potter, haha!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  9. I feel a little sorry for Puzzle. His whole world revolved around Dylan, and he got his hopes up when he overheard that he would be coming back, and now Pow! I wish Dylan would turn him real and let him leave to find a new friend.

    • I know what you mean about Puzzle, but I think Dylan would find it easier if he wouldn’t make his world such a pain! Thank you for reading, and for commenting 🙂

  10. Is it wrong that I actually feel sorry for poor Puzzle? :c

    Maybe Robyn can be his friend? She’s still a kid. Perhaps Dylan can pass Puzzle on to one of his kids when he has some?

    • Only Dylan can see Puzzle – they’re assigned to one sim, and only that sim can see them unless they’re made real! Puzzle only has Dylan. Eep! :p

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