21. Waiting

‘Hey! You! Lady!’

Tristan and Katya looked up to see Robyn perched in the tree house, peering out at them.

‘Yes, my dear?’ Katya walked over to underneath the window. Tristan frowned, staring up at his niece.

‘Robyn, what are you -‘

He had barely started his sentence when a torrent of water fell down onto Katya, utterly drenching her!’

‘Gnomes alive!’ she cursed, staring down at her sopping clothes. Robyn snickered, before disappearing back into the treehouse.

‘Robyn Rivers, get down here this instant!’ Tristan shouted up angrily. ‘Katya, I am so sorry. I’ve no idea what’s got into her, she’s not usually like this!’

‘You don’t say!’ Katya wrung out the side of her jacket and wiped the water from her eyes. ‘It’s okay. My sister has three of them, I’m used to this kind of thing. Just not from strangers!’

‘Well, it’s still no excuse.’ Tristan thought for a moment, looking at Katya as she picked at her wet clothes. He decided to go for it.

‘Katya, please, let me make this up to you. Would you let me take you out for a drink later this week?’

Katya’s face lit up. ‘You certainly can! Although please, leave Robyn at home. I don’t want to end up with the drink in my lap!’ she joked, wiping a drop from her chin.

Tristan’s face lit up. ‘Oh, don’t worry, she’ll stay at home! I can’t imagine that she’ll be allowed out once her mother hears about this!’

‘Good to know! So, how do you fancy this Friday evening? Say, eight o’clock? Do you know Eugis’?’

‘I do indeed, my brother in law loves that place. I’ll see you there!’

‘I’ll hopefully be dry this time!’

Katya smiled at Tristan before handing over her mobile number and saying goodbye. Tristan watched as she walked away, head held high despite the fact that she was still dripping wet. He sighed, before turning his attention back to the treehouse.

‘Robyn! I believe I told you to get down from there!’

Moaning, Robyn scrambled down the ladder from the treehouse, jumping from the third rung from the bottom, and traipsed over to where Tristan was waiting. He gave her his best stern look.

‘So! What exactly was that all about, young lady?’

Robbie scuffed the mulch, playing with the hem of her dress. ‘Nothing.’

‘That wasn’t nothing, Robyn! Why did you feel the need to drop a bucket of water over that lady’s head?’

‘Because, I could tell that you liked her.’ Tristan was thrown. What?

‘What? No I… What does that have to do with anything?’

A sly smile crept onto Robyn’s face. ‘You liked her. You wanted to marry her and have babies with her, but you didn’t want to tell her that. So I gave you some extra time so you’d do it.’

Tristan was stunned. ‘But… What… That doesn’t excuse your behaviour, Robbie!’

‘But it worked!’

‘I don’t care! I’ll be telling your mother about this!’


*       *       *

It was the end of the weekend, and after spending the last couple of days taking their son out Ethan and Ivy were spending their final hour with Dylan before it was time to head home. They were sat in the prep room, a large hall filled with tables where students usually gathered to complete their homework.

‘I hope you’ve had a good weekend, Dylan,’ Ivy smiled. Dylan nodded enthusiastically.

‘Yeah I have, it’s been great! I missed you both,’ he beamed, looking from his mother to his father.

‘Good! I’m glad. It’ll be the holidays soon, and we can have lots more fun days like that, with Robbie and Uncle Tristan too!’

‘I can’t wait!’

Ethan leant forward onto the table. ‘Dylan, we need to talk to you about something. As you know, you’re nearly old enough to go to High School. You need to make a decision – would you like to continue here, or come home and go to school in Bridgeport?’

Dylan sat back. ‘You mean, I get to choose!’

‘Of course you do!’ Ivy exclaimed. ‘After a report like the one your teacher gave you, it seems only fair.’

Dylan pondered for a minute. ‘Well. I have had lots of fun here. I’m really pleased I came. But lots of my friends won’t be back next year… I think… Can I come home, please, Mum? Dad?’

‘You don’t need to ask permission, darling!’ Ivy exclaimed as she stood up to hug her son. ‘Of course you can come home!’

Ethan had pulled out his phone and was checking dates. ‘Hey, Dylan! You’ll be coming home on the day of your birthday! How’s that for a coincidence?’

‘Oh wow! Really, Dad?’

‘Yep! We’ll have to think of something big to celebrate your return!’


‘I really think it’s the right thing to do. He’ll be a teenager, Ethan, he’ll have outgrown this room!’

Standing in the middle of Dylan’s bedroom, Ivy and Ethan looked around at the childish decor and toys surrounding them. Ethan nodded. ‘You’re right. Plus it’ll be a nice surprise for him when he comes home! We’ll call a decorator to get an estimate first thing in the morning.’

‘And we can start by packing away some of his toys. We don’t need to get rid of them, I’m sure Robyn can have some of them and he can go through them when he gets home, but it’ll clear away some of this clutter.’ Ivy walked over to Dylan’s dresser and picked up a robot, playing with it’s movable limbs.

‘Hey, what about this!’ Ethan gestured to Dylan’s desk, where Puzzle had sat for the past eleven months. ‘I know it’s your favourite!’

‘Eurgh!’ Ivy shuddered. ‘I hope that’ll go! Still, it is his favourite. I won’t count on it.’

‘Oh, I don’t know, Dylan didn’t take it away with him. He didn’t even ask about it,’ Ethan mused. ‘I’ll leave it here for him though. It’s up to him what he does with it. Maybe he just didn’t want his friends to know he had a doll or something.’

‘Maybe. Maybe. Oh Ethan, I can’t wait! One more month, and Dylan will be home! I’m so excited!’

As Ivy and Ethan left the room, chattering away excitedly about Dylan’s impending return, Puzzle sat as he had done since the day Dylan had left, head tilted to one side as though he was listening.

He was listening. He’d heard everything Ivy and Ethan had said.

Dylan. His Dylan was coming home.

Just one month. One month to wait, just thirty days.

Thirty days until he was alive again, until he had a purpose. Thirty days until his life was complete once more…

He just had to wait. Just sit, and wait. He was good at waiting. He’d had eleven months practise.

30 thoughts on “21. Waiting

  1. Oh no! Id hoped they threw that doll out! 🙂
    Great chapter as always! Well worth the wait! I hope you had a nice break!
    I actually started my own story… http://millerdiaries.wordpress.com
    I am still learning this site though! I dont know to make a border or do the tabs on top yet! Frustrating! But I would love you to check it out!

    • Oh cool! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll 🙂
      Things like tabs at the top and borders depend on the layout that you’ve chosen – if you create pages rather than posts, they’ll appear at the top of yours like they do on mine 🙂 for the border, find the widgets section of the settings. they’ll add extra bits to the side of your blog. hope that helps! will copy this onto your blog so that you see it.
      thanks for reading!

      • Yeah, it is. It might depend on your theme, actually. They’re all slightly different, some don’t have side bars, some don’t have headers etc. If you go onto themes and (temporarily) switch to one called Coraline, then try adding a page. I’m 99% sure that one adds pages to the top of the main page. If it doesn’t, then I’m stumped, I’m afraid!

  2. Oh my gosh! I swear I hate that Puzzle! What a little creep! I bet he’ll do something awful to Dylan like pull pranks on his girlfriend to scare her away so that Dylan will play with him! GRRRR
    And I don’t understand why Robyn wouldn’t want her uncle to get married and be happy :/ I hope it’s just a little phase…. but I’m happy for Tristan 🙂 I like him.
    Also, I’m glad Dylan’s school has turned out fine 🙂 I was a bit worried there.

    Great job 🙂

    • Nooo, Robyn did want Tristan to get married! She just knew he was nervous and so gave him some more time with Katya to talk with her. Her method was a little unorthodox, but it worked :p
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the chapter other than that, though! 🙂

  3. Aw, this was a really sweet chapter. 🙂 I love little Robyn’s spunk, and I hope Katya and Tristan work out! I’m glad that Dylan will be coming home, but I worry about Puzzle… *shudder*
    It’s great to have you back! 😀

    • Thank you so much! Robyn’s adorable in-game, I can tell she’s going to be mischievous! Pleased you enjoyed the chapter! 🙂

  4. Welcome back Sian!:) I loved this chapter!
    I hope Dylan decides to get rid of Puzzle, he’s creepy!
    Awww, Tristan and Katya are so sweet, I hope she’s a nice girl:)

    • Aw, thank you! I’m pleased you enjoyed the chapter!
      I think that Katya’s going to be nice. She was (literally) watching Tristan as he was playing with Robyn doing the Hopeless Romantic idle, so I think she’s a bit smitten! Have to wait and see, though 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Well isn’t Robyn a little troublemaker with a heart of gold? If only we could say the same for Puzzle. He could ruin eeeverything!

    I’m so glad you liked the gumball machine. I was eyeing it myself and stumbled upon your post mentioning it so I had a late-night “why not?!” moment!

    • Haha, Puzzle is horrible! Robyn is adorable though, utterly love her. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

      I really do like the gumball machine! It’s going to feature in the next chapter, haha 🙂 I’ve said this about a million times already, but thank you so much, again!

  6. Welcome back!
    Sweet, Dylan’s coming home! No Puzzle! Kill him! Kill him with fire!!! Sneaky Robyn, but I wondered if Tristan was going to find someone, or if he was gonna be alone for the rest of his life. I’m excited for pets too, how sweet is it going to be that you can actually control your pet, and you can have HORSES TOO!!! Well, I guess that’s all I’ve gotta say for now. that sounds like a bunch of jumbled up thoughts. YEESH!

    • I can’t let Tristan die alone! He’s still a YA (although only just) so he’s got plenty of time yet. And I’d love to kill Puzzle with fire! Can’t stop the story with him just yet though 😉
      I’m SO excited for pets! Don’t worry about your thoughts, I followed ’em fine 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Another excellent chapter – you’re writing is spot on, as always! I really hope Tristan has outgrown Puzzle – he’s scaring me, lol!! BTW, I’m MissElpheba on the Sims3 site – I just realised I haven’t befriended you – off to do so!

    • Aw thank you so much! 🙂 I’m really pleased you enjoyed the chapter, and thank you for the add! I’ll pop over to the offish and accept right now 😀
      Thanks for your comment!

  8. I still love Puzzle, despite his creepiness, heh heh.

    One question: I know you said before that the extra characters your legacy family meets are mostly playable characters that you’ve made, but how do you make them all so beautiful?! Goodness! Also, do you move them into your active household or just use mods to place them where they need to be for your story?

    • I just spent ages creating them! I realised that all of the sims I made looked the same, so I tried really hard to make them all look different, haha! Sometimes they go into the active household for a little while to make things easier, but mostly I just invite them places then use moveobjects on to pop them where I need ’em 🙂

  9. I know that this is really old but I just wanted to say that I think I’m probably the only one who doesn’t think Puzzle is creepy, and feels bad for him. ;(

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