20. Puzzling Dylan…

‘Ivy, will you get out of the bathroom!’

‘I’m in the bath! This house has a million bathrooms, go use one of the others!’

Grumbling to himself, Ethan picked up his towel and slouched down the hall to the main bathroom, dragging his aching muscles. He’d recently had a treadmill installed in the bedroom he shared with his wife, fearing that he was losing his muscular frame as he aged. El Tigre were on a performing break while they composed some new material, and Ethan was fast realising just how much exercise he actually got racing around on stage three times a week! Not that it felt like exercise, mind you. Not like the half an hour he’d just spent on the treadmill, resulting in protesting limbs and an ungodly stench!

Throwing his towel over the radiator, Ethan pulled off his sweaty tshirt and ran a hand over his chest, contemplating shaving it. Looking closer, he was convinced he saw… No… A grey hair? And another one! He looked up at his reflection in horror. Suddenly his face was sagging before his very eyes, lines and wrinkles etched into every inch of his once-youthful skin.

‘Oh, gnomes! I’m so old!’ Peering closer, he began to experimentally prod and pull at his skin, trying to work out where the most damage had been done. Sighing, he stared miserably at his reflection. It was no use. He was done for, that it was. The rock-star-sex-god was gone. Finished. Kaput. Dissolved in a vat of wrinkles and grey hair, and he was powerless to stop it…

Scowling, he reached for his razor and turned on the tap, and was immediately engulfed in a torrent of water.

Coughing and spluttering, he groped for the tap, finally managing to turn it off again. Ethan stood breathless, drenched from head to foot.


*       *       *

‘Look, Puzzle! I made a Sand Puzzle!’

Dylan grinned and patted down the sand, smoothing out the finger marks he’d left in the head. Puzzle grinned and clapped his hands. ‘Great, Dylan! Clever Dylan!’

‘Your starfish is really good too!’ Dylan nodded enthusiastically at the small mound of sand Puzzle had scooped together, topped with a starfish shape. ‘What shall we make next?’

‘Sand Dylan, friend for Sand Puzzle?’

‘Great idea!’

Dylan hadn’t even filled his first bucket of sand when a now-dry Ethan came storming through the back door. Concentrating on his sandy sculptures, Dylan didn’t sense his father’s mood.

‘Dad! Have you come out to play with me and Puzzle? Look! I made -‘

‘Dylan, I’d like a word with you.’ Ethan’s stern tone caught Dylan’s attention. Tentatively he stood up and walked over to his father, trying not to trail sand behind him.

‘Now then, son. I used the sink in the main bathroom upstairs earlier today. What do you think happened when I turned on the tap in the sink?’

Dylan was mystified. ‘Um… I don’t…’

‘You know full well what happened, Dylan! Water, spraying out everywhere, soaking the entire room! I have had it up to here with your pranks! The occasional whoopee cushion might be a bit of a laugh, but something seems to explode on a daily basis in this house!’

‘But Dad, it wasn’t -‘

‘Would you stop denying it, Dylan! Who else would it be? Robyn? She’s a toddler, Dylan! She can hardly walk the length of her room, let alone booby trap a sink!’

‘But Dad, I didn’t -‘

‘I’ve had enough of this! Go to your room!’ Ethan stomped back inside into the kitchen to get a drink, muttering angrily to himself. Dylan watched him go sadly, before turning to Puzzle.

‘Why, Puzzle? You know I’ll get in trouble for it. Please stop doing these things!’

Puzzle looked down at his feet. ‘Sorry, Dylan.’

‘Why d’ya do it, Puzz?’ Dylan was hurt. He loved Puzzle but this was the fourth time this month he’d been sent to his room as a result of one of his pranks, and they were only six days in!

Puzzle scuffed the floor. ‘Fun.’



The mischievous grin that was creeping onto Puzzle’s face began to infect Dylan, and soon the pair were giggling away.

‘Okay, maybe it was a bit funny!’ Dylan chuckling, envisioning the water drenching his father. ‘But please, Puzzle! No more!’

‘Dylan! Upstairs! Now!’

‘Sorry Dad!’


Carefully arranging all the tiny beds in one room, Robyn collected all of her dolls in her lap. It was time to put them all to bed, and they all liked to sleep in the same room in case they got lonely or there was a monster lurking somewhere. Together they could fight off the monster. First, she delicately placed Daisy-doll in the pink bed, her favourite, gently stroking her blonde plaits and singing a lullaby under her breath to help her fall asleep.

Now it was time for Ben-doll. Picking him up, she looked at his head. His painted-on hair was brown.

She’d had chocolate for the first time today. Chocolate was nice. Chocolate was brown.

Robyn thought for a second, then lifted the doll to her mouth, popping the head into it.

‘Robbie! What are you doing?!’ Dylan, who had poked his head around his sister’s door, came racing in and pulled the doll from Robyn’s mouth. ‘Don’t eat that! Dolls aren’t food, you silly thing!’

Robyn nodded, looking sad. ‘Tastes icky.’

‘That’s because he’s made of wood! Wood is icky!’ Dylan laughed at his sister. She wasn’t in any danger, trying to eat the dolls. They were too big to be a choking risk, with no small parts that could easily come loose. He didn’t think she’d try it again in a hurry anyway!

Robyn nodded again. ‘Fanks, Dylly!’ She wobbily got to her feet, and put her little arms around Dylan’s neck.

Dylan smiled, hugging his sister back. ‘That’s quite alright, Robyn! Now, are you hungry?’

‘Yep!’ Robyn fell back with a bump and looked cross. ‘Vewy hungee.’

‘One minute!’ Dylan pulled a box out from underneath Robyn’s crib, and took a bottle and a sachet of formula out from inside it. Within five minutes he was presenting his baby sister with a freshly made bottle, just as his Mum had taught him to.

‘Here you are!’

‘Dylan! Why are you not in your room?!’

Dylan turned to see Ethan stood in the doorway, a thunderous look on his face. ‘Robbie was hungry, Dad… I was just making her a bottle,’ he said falteringly.

Ethan’s face softened. ‘Well, thank you for that Dylan. That was very kind of you. But get to your room, like I asked you to do.’ He smiled at his son. He hated shouting at him, but he’d reached the end of his tether. So many pranks!

Going into his room, Dylan saw Puzzle sat in the middle spinning around on his computer chair. ‘Well, just you and me Puzzle. Again.’ Puzzle came to a halt facing Dylan, the antennae on his head whirring, and pushed the chair back under the desk.

‘So what do you want to do? We could play dress-up again…’

Puzzle tilted his head from side to side. ‘What Dylan want?’

‘Dunno.’ Dylan looked around his room. ‘I wanted to go for a swim. Can’t do that, though. You choose. I always choose.’

‘Don’t mind. Puzzle play with Dylan.’ Puzzle grinned and flipped upside down, trying to made Dylan laugh. A small smile crept onto the corners of his mouth.

‘Seriously, you pick! It’s your fault we’re here!’

‘Puzzle with Dylan. Puzzle don’t mind what we do.’

Dylan sighed, and mock-punched Puzzle on the arm. ‘All right! Fine. I’ll look in the toy chest. I hope Robyn’s not taken everything for her dolls house!’


‘And Audrey and her unicorns lived happily ever after! The end!’

Ethan smiled at his sleepy son as he closed the book. While the anger had still been simmering away he had been going to make him go to bed without his usual bedtime story, but having spent the afternoon pacing around the living room as Dylan played quietly in his room he hadn’t the heart. He’d taken his punishment well.

Dylan smiled at his Dad, resting his head down on the pillow. ‘Thanks Dad. Great story.’

‘That’s okay, son!’  Ethan placed the book on his bedside table.

‘Puzz… Puzzle liked it too,’ Dylan yawned.

‘That’s good to know, Dylan.’ Ethan rolled his eyes. Dylan definitely had not outgrown his attachment to that doll!

‘Dad… Don’t hate me…’ Dylan drifted off, pulling the duvet up around him. Ethan gently tucked him in.

‘I’ll never hate you, Dylan. Ever. Just stop pulling all these silly pranks!’

35 thoughts on “20. Puzzling Dylan…

  1. Puzzle’s really not a very good imaginary friend, is he now? I guess he just wants Dylan all to himself. Me, personally, I want the whole family. Robyn is too cute and Ethan freaking out over gray hairs? I could die!

    Fabulous chapter, as usual.
    Happy weekend!

      • I just got lucky and she posted right as I got home from work, first thing I do is check my stories 😀 Next time I’ll hold off for an hour or so for ya.

    • Robyn is adorable, although I’ve got a feeling she’s going to be a bit of a Cassie/Ivy lookalike when she grows up. Ivy looked a lot like her as a toddler!

      Really pleased you enjoyed the chapter, thanks for reading! Happy weekend to you too! 🙂

  2. Aww Man! Puzzle is making me mad, and I feel really bad for Dylan. He doesn’t need to go to boarding school. I hope everything gets worked out (except for the fact that no one, except for Dylan, can see puzzle “move”). I started chuckling when I saw Sugar Bijou giving Ethan a makeover (for obvious reasons). I like the chapter, and I am also looking forward to getting to know Robyn more.

    • Yeah, the problem obviously is that only Dylan can see Puzzle as a ‘person’. He’s telling the truth, but they can’t believe him, which is unfortunate but understandable! You’ll have to wait and see what happens :p

      Thanks for reading! My name is pronounced ‘Sharn’, rhymes with barn and darn and yarn 🙂 What were the pronounciations you found?

      • The three different ones were Shahn, She-Ahn, and Sy-Uhn (like sigh-un). Now I know what to call you when I’m telling my brother about your legacy.

        P.S. I’m going to try to get another chapter done this weekend.
        P.P.S. 2 weeks without Rivers? How will we all survive? Hehe, but I understand the need for breaks. So I am excited for Oct 14th (wow, I sound obsessed).

  3. My heart breaks for Dylan. It’s not his fault Puzzle can’t keep his pranks to himself — and now he might be shipped off to military school! Poor thing.

    It was really funny seeing Ethan’s face when he found the gray hairs. Haha. You take some of the best screenshots of your sims’ faces.

    BTW, Chapter 2 of Fade is up. I’m hoping to have Chapter 3 up Monday. Happy Simming!

    • Haha, the chapter’s very focused on Ethan because I had to make him do loads of stuff – with his (obvious) Mid Life Crisis all he does is go from mirror to mirror moaning about his wrinkles! Glad you like the pictures 🙂

  4. Is Puzzle male or female? Just out of curiosity to see if we’ll have a possible IF legacy at hand. (My instinct is saying no!) Puzzle really creeps me out, but I kind of want to see Puzzle turned real. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. Aaaaargh! Puzzle’s annoying! Poor Dylan getting into trouble all the time because of him! I hope they don’t send him off to Military school.
    Robyn is so sweet, looking forward to seeing more of her.
    Great chapter 🙂

  6. Awwww, so cute! I loved the kids POVs. Naughty IFs . . . lol. And I seriously LOL’d at poor Dylan and his mini mid-life crisis. Poor guy.

    • Hahaha yeah, like son like father – Ethan stressing over the aging process, Dylan over his IF’s antics!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Aw man! I knew Puzzle was bad from the get-go! It seems he’s doing all this so that Dylan spends all his free time with him… grrr 😡
    And now poor Dylan might go to military camp!! NOOOOO! DONT LET HIM!!!!

    Oh, and Robyn in gorgeous…. your female sims look like one another 😉
    I can see why it could get a bit aggravating, but Cassie and Ivy are just so beautiful. I bet Robyn will be stunning as well!

    Lovely, as always… do i even need to keep on repeating that? 🙂

    • I know, I can’t understand why all the girls are looking so much like their mothers! Fortunately Dylan’s (potential) female offspring *should* look different, as I think he’s going to look a bit like Ethan and obviously his partner won’t look anything like Ivy and Cassie! Robyn will have to be the one to keep those genes going, it seems 🙂
      Thanks for reading! And I don’t mind the lovely repetition 😉 Thanks for your comment, too!

      • Oh yes, I remembered you made the heir(ess) the first-born. 😛
        I hope Robyn *does* keep the genes running, though i think she’s going to be the cutest out of them 😉

  8. You know that thing I said last chapter, about Puzzle being cute? Well, I take it back! He is the worst imaginary friend ever! Ugh. But Robyn is soooo cute! I love her doll infatuation. I can already tell, it’s going to be a hard heir vote. Oh my goodness, I loved the picture of Ivy with blue hair, and Ethan’s new look! Poor Dylan, being shipped off to military school?! I hope they decide against it. I love him! 😀 Great chapter, I really found myself getting sucked in, even more than usual! ❤

  9. I’ve spent hours just reading up on this story, after spotting your signature on thesims3 site. You are a very talented writer and storyteller. I’ve been truly engrossed, and can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to read my legacy! 🙂 Seriously appreciate it. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it, and I hope you continue to do so!

  10. I never really liked the aspect of imaginary friends in the sims, and now I think it’s growing on me. Even though Puzzles is a sneaky and crafty little fellow, he’s starting to grow on me. I just wish he wouldn’t get Dylan in trouble all the time! It’s nice to see than Ethan is stepping up to the plate when it comes to being a father to his son. Great chapter!

    The last chapter of the Halliwell Legacy has been posted. Please check it out! 😀

  11. Oooh boarding school! Greatest Sims invention ever (besides horses, heh heh). I actually hate having to look after kids in my game, so boarding school is awesome for me.

    Poor Dylan, though. He’s getting sent to military school for no reason. At least Wade in my legacy got sent to military school because he was actually guilty of all those pranks.

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