Hello and welcome to The Rivers Legacy web blog, my second Sims 3 (and now Sims 4!) legacy challenge which I will be documenting here. Thank you for visiting!

Unlike my first, The Emmett Legacy, I will not be following Pinstar’s rules to the letter. My main focus is going to be story telling, so I’d appreciate feedback, comments and criticisms, about what you lovely lot think about what I’m writing! As a result of this I naturally will not be keeping a points tally.

I really hope you enjoy reading this blog! So, down to business.

Click here to start at the beginning of the legacy!

The current generation sees two heiresses, twins Freya and Lily. Their story starts here.Screenshot-1709-17-14_9-14 PM-3Despite being the spitting image of one another, Freya and Lily drifted apart during their childhood – Freya’s overbearing need for attention drove her sister away after her antics got the pair a fair few detentions. Fast forward to their teenage years and Freya is now isolated and introverted; her sister outgoing and surrounded by friends. Will the two sisters ever reconnect?

The founding Sim was Cassie Rivers.

You can read a bit about her back story in her prologue, and how she came to be living in Sunset Valley. While she is a good hearted Sim Cassie is a little on the naive side, which may turn out to be her fatal flaw…

The second heir is Ivy Rivers; her story begins here.

Having grown up away from her family in a children’s home in the Valley, Ivy accidentally met her brother Tristan and was found by Matthew, her father, as a teenager and brought home. Her years in the system have left her shy and a bit on the grumpy side, although she adores being at one with nature. How will her early years affect her life?

Dylan Rivers is heir of the third generation, his story begins here.

Dylan’s favourite toy, a strange little doll named Puzzle he was gifted as a child courtesy of his father’s mysterious second cousin Eugenie, has been a big part of his life. Although the pair were inseparable during his childhood, Puzzle soon turned out to be trouble… More trouble than his friendship was worth! As Dylan grows up and tries to leave his meddlesome friend in his past, will he ever be able to shake off Puzzle once and for all?

Enjoy the blog!!

-Sian x

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi 🙂

    I seen the signature you had for this blog on something on the sims3 fourm and thought i’d check it out, It’s really good i’ll def be following it 🙂 x

  2. I just found this site ~ Lurve it!!! My computer crashed a couple months ago and just purchased a new one. I am downloading (again) my sims3 games and went to the Sims3 forum site because I was having some “issues” LOL! Anyway, saw the link to this site – I will be back to read more!

  3. Cassie Rivers…you haven’t been reading Jodie Piccoults’ new book by any chance? It’s so amazing! And this look really cool, btw 🙂

  4. Hey!
    What a great read! You have a gift of making it light but still filled with teary moments and chuckles!

    I was wondering what setup you’re using here on wordpress? I am trying to set up my own site and so far I’m failing terribly haha!

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

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